365 Days – In Between Crime And Abuse, That’s How You Get A Woman’s Heart

I know, I know… I know what you’re thinking! Not the type of movie usually presented here in the blog, right? Well… Sometimes, I too, fall to the influence of the mainstream. But let me be honest, my expectations were raised to a bare, bare minimum with this movie, a solid 3,3/10 on IMDb… And somehow… I found it entertaining for most of the duration, although that doesn’t mean much for the quality of the movie itself!

365 days 2


Máximo always dreamed of a woman that would be his ever since a young age. When he finally crossed paths with her, he arranged to kidnap her and told her that she had 365 days to fall in love with him, if she would not, she would be free to go on with her life. Of course, being the head of the family and boss of a Mafia, turned things to be easier on this aspect in regard to appeal to her vanity and tastes for a possible wealthy future alongside Máximo, although there’s always pros and cons to every situation, even when you’re filthy rich.


Right before watching this one, I had already dropped my standards to watch it. I didn’t think the acting was that bad honestly, but they sure could use some more scenes to show the progress of the relationship between the protagonists. To me, it was way too fast and there should be more fights, more attempts to get away, more scenes to impress Laura in an attempt to conquer her heart in a more chivalrous fashion, rather than the intensity displays of power that he usually does.

I’ll be honest, the story itself only made me flinch by how badly Máximo treats Laura right in the beginning. As the rest of the plot didn’t make me feel much more of anything else rather than the tension of the sex scenes, which are a lot. I don’t think they’re executed well enough though, since I did not see anything new added to my perspective. It was just of bunch of scenes where Máximo smashes Laura like a rag doll… They could even give her some emphasis but no… Of course not. To me, this was not even a censored porno, as the scenes were not censored because they were actually shot with angles to not actually show a thing. In fact, I don’t feel like the scenes had a purpose at all to the narrative, besides showing Maximo’s immense sex drive that is.

To me, the story doesn’t make sense. It starts bad and it only worsens. I know, I know! It’s a product of fiction, but still, it could have some links that would then lead from point A to B, rather than magically have Laura at Máximo’s feet without him showing much of his personality rather than the desire to have her, and the intensity at which he lives his life and leads several others. As for the ending, it was completely underwhelming though I figure, the producers are aiming for a sequel.


365 days comes with an approach much like the formula used in Fifty Shades of Gray and is usually an easy way to cash-in a few bucks by following that same formula.

The premise sounded interesting at first, but in my opinion is poorly executed through the entirety of the movie, as it uses Máximo’s intensity to either provoke Laura, or as a consequence for her provocations to him as well.

Again, I watched 365 Days because of the buzz built around it, and although I don’t regret watching it, I’m pretty sure that I won’t watch the (possible) sequel, nor would I recommend anyone to watch it.

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