A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep. 25 – The “Gap” Year

I was doing a check-up on my blog, when I noticed that I wrote last year how I went to recycle my Lifeguard course, and yet, while working as a full-time Lifeguard during the Summer, I posted nothing at all about the season of 2019. I believe it even gave the sensation that I did not work at all, while it was pretty much the opposite.

June had just started and I had a wedding of a childhood friend who was very dear to me. After that day, it was working non-stop. I worked in the Castle Experience in the following day, then traveled to Pêso da Régua for an event there. Once that was done, we went to Amarante where I worked up until the start of the season, at the 15th of June.


Having started a full time regime as a Lifeguard, a lot of times after the shift was done I went to other beach to prepare Sunset parties and once I went to help out on the Terminal Experience too. This was a whole load of work to which I still had not experienced in such an ammount of hours and days straight, but certainly a very rewarding period. While maintaining the available training schedule, the rest of the time I had left were basically used to get out and live a little, or simply stay at home and rest. There were a lot of days where I just fell down on my bed and got asleep right away. I still managed to have a lot of fun, and it was certainly a memorable Summer where I feel like a grew as an individual, met a lot of interesting people and had amazing memories with them.

Relative to the Summer as a Lifeguard, I must admit, people this past year felt a lot more responsible than last year. I can count by my fingers how many times I really had to intervene because someone was being reckless at sea, or on the rocks. Signs of the times, I guess, to which I’m definitely thankful for!


The most annoying question, which most Lifeguards who worked this year probably answered and had the answer at the tip of their tongues as everyone that approached them with a simple “good afternoon” or “excuse me” was… What do those flags mean? And in the case that you don’t know, the space in between the flags symbolizes the recommended space to dive and swim in the area currently under surveillance.

Now with this pandemic, and Portugal preparing to enter in the 3rd phase of the procedures to deal with Covid-19, measures and rules are being studied to be applied in all of our beaches. Once more information is released about it, I’ll probably digest them and write a post about the changes in this Summer of 2020. Until then, play it safe and remember that the virus touches everyone with no exception.

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