The Platform (Netflix 2020) – Can You Be Kind When Hungry?

No wonder this movie is sponsored by Snickers. “You’re not you when you’re hungry”… Oh if you could just imagine the devilish smile drawn on my face right now… This movie couldn’t come at a better time than this. A time where solidarity is crucial for the survival of all against a common crisis. Although the crisis that is presented to us in The Platform is completely different than an epidemic. As hunger manifests and makes itself clear, pretty much everything is at stake when it comes to sating it, even if just a little. MILD SPOILERS AHEAD!

platform 2


After waking up, Goreng gets to know that he is on the 48th level of a very particular facility. He had traded his freedom of six months in exchange for a diploma. Little did he know what he was about to go through, to survive the depths of the tower where 500 hundred people lie in reclusion.

platform 1


Alright, I know I wrote a pretty short and simple synopsis, but anything else would pretty much be a spoiler that would be broken down here in this section.

First off, the movie is amazingly well divided. It begins with an explanation of the current scenario and what’s about to happen. Then it explores the situation, throwing Goreng around. I must say, Goreng is a super and incredible, beyond belief, kind of person. There were moments that I was just baffled by how naive he was. And then finally, the third and last act as they try to break the wheel and see what happens. Without any confirmation or assurance that something might really happen, or change.

platform 3

Considering the current worldwide scenario this movie does come in a crucial time where we should look to ourselves and ask if we’re being kind to one another. Because we do have the resources to survive… All of them. We just need to be kind and share. And we’ve seen across the globe some cases of exactly the opposite. I just wanted to leave a point to reflect here.

The grotesque nature of mankind quickly appears in the movie. Hunger is definitely the urge to survive, in The Platform, we actually witness different behaviors towards the same end. Some, quite more drastic than others.

Once we get accustomed to the rules, the plot moves on and explores the mind of the protagonist, shaping the white knight into a scarred veteran who still did not lose hope to venture for something that he believes in.

platform 4

While not knowing scrap about the outside world, what are the reasons for the people to be incarcerated in that facility, what does the diploma give access to… Or even what an actual ending was that… It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the concept is explored thus easing the need for a conclusion with sense to be felt. And I guess The Platform does this in the most rightful manner.


What a breathtaking piece of art! This was great! Quite simple to achieve really. Come up with a new concept and put it in place. Predict how humans would react. Get someone to “break the wheel” and see what happens. Bingo!

There’s no need for a bigger picture. No need for great explanations of the setting. Just the exploration of the human mind and behavior when confronted with the concept… and voila!

Marvelously done! I absolutely recommend you to watch The Platform, especially during this World Wide Quarantine! By the end of the film, you will know why for sure.

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