Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker – That’s It Folks Thanks For Watching…

Oh, the controversy and drama that follows the current Star Wars trilogy… While I don’t think it’s as bad as all the fuss that I’ve been watching on the web, the main reason that I find is that we’re directed to the main antagonist of this trilogy in the trailer of this movie… Which is still the same freaking guy of all the previous Star Wars movies… Were they planning this all along, or were they desperate to add some sense into the story that they were about to tell? Spoilers ahead… Although, if you watched the trailer, there’s not much more I can spoil you with…

skywalker p2


While the Rebels recover from their last encounter with the First Order and erected a new base for themselves, Rey receives training from General Skywalker in the ways of the Jedi. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren seeks out a lead that would prove crucial to win the war and fortify the root of the First Order or to simply say, the Empire, once and for all within the Galaxy.

skywalker p3


To me, all of this drama only makes sense due to the writing that leads to the climax of the trilogy. Besides that, we have main character progression added together with the main ingredients that an epic saga like Star Wars usually has in store for me, which wasn’t very different this time around.

There was a lot of mystery regarding the direction that the story would tell, with Luke gone and the First Order expanding even more, everything point for the truth about Rey’s parents to remain unanswered. However, having Palpatine’s laugh unveiled in the trailer soon made him be a plausible scapegoat for such a secret.

To be honest I was disappointed. Having Palpatine and the Fleet he commands holding terrible destructive power uncovered by the third and last movie of the trilogy just didn’t make sense storywise. It was anti-climatic since there were no signs showing otherwise, it does not show how Palpatine survived neither how he brought a whole army to grow in the darkness of the unknown regions at the edge of the galaxy. It just seems like an easy way to finish off the story without any clues of indicating so in the previous movies… And of course, having Rey’s parents being killed at the will of the Emperor and grandfather of her, just sounded all the merrier to bury the story arc.

As for the rest, it was all good in my book! I love it that in Star Wars movies there’s always a place for planning, action, subtlety, vehicle chases, and spaceship battles. Not in that specific order, but there are some things I’ve learned to expect and to me, they were done without any major flaws. Oh, there’s also the humor of the droids which accounts pretty much for all the funny moments in the movie.

Despite everything, I still think the major role goes for Kylo Ren / Ben Solo where we watch him struggle with both sides of the Force, but still thinking for himself and trying to take control of everything.

It’s also lovely that in every movie we watch hope play a role, this time being the ships that come to aid the Rebel Alliance to put a halt to the Imperial Cruisers preparing to launch an assault on the Galaxy.


You know, despite the controversy of the story, I loved the movie. There are great fighting sequences with environmental details on it, breathtaking shots of the worlds, the common space battles and chasing scenes that were so accustomed to watching in Star Wars, and of course, a little bit of humor here and there, mainly due to our beloved droids.

What just turned me off was that the main villain, and what he brings to the fold in this movie without reference in the previous two, is enough to conquer the Galaxy with just a finger snap.

Thus is concluded yet another Star Wars trilogy, leaving the Galaxy free of the Sith and with Rey opting to hide her Jedi ways.

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