Belts and Stripes – Copa América 2019 – Mondim de Basto

So, this arrives late to the blog, since it happened a couple of weeks ago, but better later than never, am I right?

So five of our Spartans, myself included, ventured on a trip to Mondim de Basto to accept the challenge of the Copa América 2019.

This proved to be an excellent warm-up for the upcoming Grand Slam 2019, happening in Matosinhos by the end of June. Overall we proved to be on par with our adversaries, and I can say that I’m proud of how we acted in this Cup, bringing a purple belt, three blue belts and a white belt to the battlefield, having reached one 1st place, three 2nd places, and a 3rd place.

As for my matches, the first one I won by an advantage point and my opponent got a disadvantage as well. I managed to pull guard, and tried to choke him from there with his arm trapped, but without success, all the while he tried to pull a cow’s hand on me. There was a time where I tried something and he managed to almost pass my guard, but I defended and went out of the area, so we began in the middle while standing again. Pulled guard again, tried to do something but was unable. I believe he grabbed onto me a little more than what was allowed and that’s why he got a disadvantage point. Then, when I managed to do something, I think I got my upper guard done or even closed the triangle and the referee stopped the match because the time had ended. There was no clock for us to check the time left of the match, which is a lapse of the organization if you ask me.

Down to the final, I dominated the first half of the roll in my opponent’s half guard. Tried to break it while attempting a kimura, but I didn’t manage to overthrow his strength with my two arms against one of his. Then he managed to sweep me and we went out of boundaries, but he still got two points. Once the match was resumed at the middle of the area, my world got turned upside down. He performed an excellent baiana and my head went straight onto the tatami, down from the third floor… The crowd went silent, the referee stopped the roll and asked me if I was ok. For three seconds, I was not sure if I was able to say that, but then I was reassured and the game continued. The roll continued and my opponent began in side control. I managed to escape and both of us stood up, and again, he did a baiana and I fell for it, having maintained my half guard for the rest of the match, thus losing by 6 – 0.

This last roll was a hell of an experience because I learned so much about taking control, psychological state of mind after losing points and most importantly, my posture needs some changes so that I’m not thrown like a ragdoll…


Overall this was a positive experience, with a lot of lessons learned and a calmer mind before and after the rolls, which to me, was the best improvement that I needed for the coming challenge, the Grand Slam 2019.

Happy rolls everyone, roll nice and clean. Oss!

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