Belts and Stripes – Time To Step On It Again

Another competition lies ahead. I’ve learned with the mistakes of my past performance and I’m certain that I’ve improved most aspects of my game. With a two week absence on the tatami, yesterday I went training and I was happy with my rolls despite having a draw with an experienced blue belt, lost by four points against a puple, got ankle locked by another, and won by four points against a new blue belt.

For the competition, I must pay special attention to not accept positions and keep exploding if my opponent is about to earn any points. And also to maintain my opponent away from my back, because I’m having serious difficulties to get away from that position or even defend a finishing move from there.

With that said, I still have two weeks of training in front of me, probably without much work as I had in February, which will give my body and mind time to adapt for the competition.

Wish you guys safe rolls for this March! Oss!

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