Situation Point – 29th of January, 2019

January. Does anything great has its beginning in January? I’m sure there’s something, but that something isn’t for me.

At this very moment, I’m still mashing up ideas and segments of what to write in the sequel for Modus Operandi. It is currently standing on a solid 40%. There’s a point that I want to reach by the end of this sequel, but I’m still thinking on how I will get there.

There is a Belts and Stripes post coming up, alongside three reviews. All reviews will be schedulled for the beggining of February since we’re already at the end of the month. Thankfully!

Last but not least, I have not forgotten about Orient in Turmoil and With Blood and Magic. There just isn’t enough juice to produce two series at the same time.

Also, I won’t fail this with Enclave, so once I complete Modus Operandi’s sequel, I will incorporate some time into the third book and make sure it gets released this year, so that I may finally end the series and go on with what I had initially planned.

Hope you guys have found this first month of 2019 a lot more productive than I, and of course I wish it goes even better from here on out.

Peace, and remember, be kind.



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