Venom – Tentacles. Tentacles And Very, Very Sharp Teeth.

I know that back then, Venom appeared in an animated series destined for children, and his voice even scared me at the time… Now in the theaters and in a movie of his own, I was still impressed to watch him swallow humans in a gulp… And where are his webs? I’m either missing a lot of knowledge or there are things that changed a lot in the past twenty years… Oh!

venom poster 1


Eddie Brock is a famous journalist with his own show, known to take down major corporations and transgressors of the law by exposing their crimes to society. However, when the time comes for Eddie to simply nod at a very powerful player, Carlton Drake, head of a powerful science organization called Life Foundation, Eddie couldn’t simply neglect his instinct and let pass the nefarious, yet unproven acts of the Foundation’s head, and as such, he acted rashly, causing him and his girlfriend to be fired.

The two quickly split ways and while Eddie tries to find his place in a world where he was discreditted and abandoned. In his investigation, Eddy comes across an alien organism that invades his body as a parasite. The two of them eventually bond and begin to uncover what is really happening at the Life Foundation.

venom poster 2


Alright guys, I have a hammer in my hand and I’m about to swing it down a couple of times. Hard.

First and foremost, one of the things that pissed me off right away, oh yea I forgot, SPOILER ALERT! How and why in the living hell would Eddie’s girlfriend who had an engagement ring from him, dumped and found a new man in less than a month? Really? I hated that woman for the rest of the entire movie… Ok not so much by the end of it but still… ARGH!

The action was average overall. There is an awesome chasing scene and the initial fighting scene was pretty impressive, but the next one after that can be resumed by the old saying, lambs to the slaughter. The final one did not feel like an epic climax of a super hero movie, instead it felt like the first encounter, (which it was) between the protagonist and the villain, thus leaving a certain void to be filled in the action department.

Now for the plot… It was so, so basic. Ambitious, if not greedy, science guy who owns a company and has practically unlimited resources, finds something completely revolutionary and crosses all morals and ethics so that he may conclude his research.

Sure he ends up being controlled by Riot, the squad leader symbiote who wants to go back to space and inform his kind of Earth, a planet that is ripe for the taking for their kind. But, I mean, their motives are just bland and common for this day and age, right? And the dialogue… There are two moments when Carlton Drake almost shines, but to me, he couldn’t get there just right.

And then we have these sequences of Riot, the symbiote squad leader, who travels all the way from Malaysia to the U.S.A. to find his comrades who were taken by the spaceship debris. Now, this makes sense, but at the same time, do not give any depth to the movie itself. Those scenes felt somewhat distant and awkward to watch, despite their purpose towards the end of the movie.

What was really interesting to me, was to watch the bond between Venom and Eddie. It’s like having double personality, but both personas are awake at the same time and one of them has super powers. And that’s probably it…

Another thing that I’ve noticed, is that there are so few important characters in the movie. There’s Eddie, his girlfriend/fiancee/ex-girlfriend, Carlton Drake and… Uh… That’s it… There’s the go-to mercenary guy that Carlton bosses around, an unconformed doctor who wanted to put an end to the transgressions of the Life Foundation and Eddie’s ex-boss whom I know from the Netflix Luke Cage series…

Can a sequel even be considered after this? I mean, sure the movie made quite a bit of money but… Where’s the quality of the argument for crying out loud?


Let’s be honest here. Venom does not arrive in a time for superheroes, or most specifically, antiheroes to just enter the world of the seventh art without a clear purpose or path. Venom’s landfall in theaters is like a meteor crashing down at the Earth’s surface, beautiful and amazing at first and then all kinds of mess happen once the collision occurs.

I still don’t know how Venom made more money than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 or Deadpool 2, but… I’m sure a sequel is already programmed. What the heck they’re going to do with it, is what leaves me wondering, cause this first movie lacked a lot in way too many departments.

For the first time, I’m actually not recommending a movie. Perhaps if the sequel is worth it just for the sake of the story, then I shall in the future. But the bond between Eddie and Venom allied with the average action scenes do not come on top of the mediocre storyline for the movie.



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