Aquaman – What A Great Excuse To Get Your Girlfriend Into The DC Universe!

Alright girls! It seems that Aquaman is the money making machine from DC Extended Universe, breaking any record set by previous films… How could anyone guess that all it would take was a handsome man, with a magnificent body… And a devilish hot smile… Too much?poster 2


Been a while since an Alien Armada invaded Earth, seeking artifacts of immense destruction. Batman had managed to recruit a group of formidable individuals who ended up in creating the Justice League after defeating Steppenwolf and his alien armada, thus thwarting his plans to annihilate planet Earth.

Arthur Curry became known as Aquaman due to his feats to put an end to Steppenwolf’s plans but also because of his deeds at sea, be it saving people from drowning or putting a stop to deadly pirates and their nefarious acts.

In a state of relative peace, the world was now about to be shaken by the kingdoms of the oceans, as King Orm sees an opportunity to rule mankind as payback for the atrocities and polution commited against the sea. While he plans to unite the Kingdoms to march against the land dwellers, Mera and Vulcan try to convince Arthur to come to Atlantis, as he is its rightful ruler, and depose his brother from the throne, thus stopping the coming war between land and sea.mera


Where to start?! Aquaman does begin with a sweet portion of action and a surprising development of who I thought to be just some cannon fodder for Arthur to vanquish, but in fact turned out to be his archenemy and how he got a reason to exact vengeance upon the future King of Atlantis.

The plot revolves around what both heirs to the throne are currently doing. While Arthur is contacted by Mera to return to Atlantis and put an end to King Orm’s plans to invade the continents, his younger brother Orm seeks to earn the favour of the sea kingdoms to command their armies against mankind.

Personally, I enjoyed both action, comedy, visual effects and scenarios. There was rhythm to the story being played on the big screen. A time for everything, be it drama, exploration or drama. Each of them being well executed or at least, I have nothing wrong to point out besides my satisfaction.

However not everything went according to my liking. I don’t think I’m being too picky but let’s see… First and foremost, I know this is fantasy, but it just boggles my mind watching a humanoid being capable of dashing like a torpedo in a single moment. I know, I know. DC characters are more Godlike than Marvel but there’s just something that anguishes me watching DC heroes (not BATMAN!) pummeling through entire hordes of enemies without much care for their wellbeing. But well, that’s how things are in this Universe.

How many times were you surprised throughout the movie by sudden explosions? Three? Well if there were more, I was not caught unaware after the third one because I was already like: “Yeah, not catching me three times with the same thing… No, you won’t.”

And also, how come Queen Atlanna appeared in the middle of a battle with a dress after being freed from a mystical place where she was exiled for twenty years? Did she actually think: “Oh my, now that I’m free and my sons are about to fight each other, in the middle of a war among the aquatic kingdoms, I should probably fetch my dress to impress the commoners with my return!” Seriously? I found it funny though it was lame…


Aquaman is definitely a good piece of entertainment, pretty much following the same direction taken with Wonder Woman. Although they get slightly better in the comedy department, the jokes may be contested for their quality, but then again, I think my humor remained the same as it was in my 18s.

This movie is absolutely worth to watch, probably the best one within the DC Extended Universe, coming on top by just a little while in comparison to Wonder Woman across most fields. Which leaves me to wonder and to raise my expectations towards future DC titles. Bring them on!



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