2k18, A Retrospective – Situation Point, 31st of December, 2018

Two Thousand and Eighteen. What the hell just happened?!

I didn’t think it was possible for me to change so much in a single trip aboard this Rock around the Sun. I’ve learned so much with a handful of special individuals this year. With no special thanks to anyone, if you guys happen to be reading this, thank you! I’d like to keep you for life!

Due to this rollercoaster of emotions, I wasn’t able to put the third title of Enclave out there, even though the amount of work I must invest in it is definitely much lower than the last two books. Instead, I devised what I consider to be my master piece here in the blog so far, having decided to title it as, Modus Operandi.

With Blood & Magic also arrived to the blog in the shape of a Fan Fiction set in World of Warcraft.

There’s also a new log for my B.J.J. practice where I talk about what goes around on the tatami and how I’m developing my game in the Martial Art that Jiu Jitsu is.

Chaotic Order, my YouTube Channel who has the same name as my fictional Universe, did not survive the year since YouTube butchered new channels and how they earned a few cents each month, imposing them quite a ridiculous amount of Watched hours in the last 365 days and a number of a thousand subscribers so that you could earn money with your content. While it did not take me much time to record the videos, it did consume a lot of energy to render and upload them to the web since I still live in an area without fiber. Also, the time when I stopped creating content was more or less around when my life took a sudden turn, so it wasn’t that hard to let go of my YouTube Channel. Can you imagine that I don’t play one fifth of the time compared to what I played before? What a shocker!

Here’s a list of what was added to the blog in 2018:


Modus Operandi tells a story of a sucessful surgeon who does not have the time to find a love interest. He gets to online dating apps to fix that hole in his life, but in such things, not all people appear to be who they say they are. Start reading through this link!

Sin'dorei Tome 1

With Blood & Magic tells the story of my Blood Elf Mage, Leafara, through a style often seen in diaries, since the very beginning of her life while depicting the events after the Second War. Start reading through this link!


Orient In Turmoil counts with five distinct tales in an Historical Fiction through Japan’s feudal period. In the next year, you may count with a new tale and a brand new character, as well as the gathering of all protagonists mentioned so far. Start reading through this link!

A Lifeguard’s Saga also had its third season, and the best one yet! The Summer was special above everything else and left me with a feeling of longing for the next one. The sand, the waves, the salt on your skin, the people and the smiles. Oh, I love them, I love them all! Stay tuned because I’m freaking sure there’s going to be a fourth season! You can read my adventures as a Lifeguard through this link!

2018 was a rollercoaster. I grew up a lot with my mistakes and with the people whom I met. The same can be said about the blog which almost had the triple of views and visitors while comparing the data with the year of 2017! So I guess it is a sign that I’m growing with my writing skills as well.

I wish you guys end this year in the most awesome and happy way possible, as well as a lot of success for the following year! Remember, be kind.



  1. Hey!
    Happy New Year to you and your beloved ones. My blog is close to a 1500 followers and I thought it’d be good to wish my super cool followers a happy new year. Thanks for supporting my blog. Your support means a lot to me. 🌸🌸😊


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