Free Yourself

Now here comes something that you don’t usually find in this blog.

For the past half year, I’ve been through a lot of emotions and while I’m not here to talk about those in specific, instead I’ll give you guys some hindsight, which I thought to be pertinent due to the nature of it all.

Don’t let it drag. Seriously, don’t let anything drag itself. Be it your relationship, your profession, a hobby or anything else really!

If you’re in a relationship and you let it drag, your significant other will feel like shit during the entire period, because you’ll start losing interest and what a shocker, believe it or not, they will notice that! Because you’ll begin to find other ways to spend less time with them… And that will create resentment within him/her, until one of you gets to breakup with the other. Be honest, be direct and if you don’t see a path that will take both of you forward, then it is best to let go right away instead of slowly losing your grip around what you think is confortable because of your commodism.

The same thing goes to a work environment where you feel forced to go for it. Of course there are bills to pay and so on, but you can still look for something else if you feel like you’re stuck, or you find yourself in a toxic place where you have your mental energy completely drained day after day. Give it some thought. If there’s no saving it, just let it go and find another place. I’m sure you can do at least five other things rather than work where you’re currently at, right? So look for it!

To sum this up, change is indeed scary. It is easy to become accomodated to routines, places and people. It is up to us however, to determine if all of those things are doing us any good, or not so much, and we must be grown ups to just let go some of these routines, places and people if they’re being toxic to us. Sometimes they may even doing so on without knowing. And if you so, just confront them about what is going on. If there’s no possible way to change that, then just let go.

Believe me, although painful at first, letting go is liberating.


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