Belts and Stripes – Ran Over & Smashed

Let me tell you something. If you’re just starting your journey in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, this sport isn’t for the weak of mind. If you can’t overcome your ego over the defeats that you’re about to encounter, because at least that I can promise you, then you won’t be able to survive within the pack.

Take my case for example. I mostly roll with higher ranking colleagues rather than lower ones. It’s rare for me to win by points, let alone submit one of them. In most cases, I’m just surviving and hoping to get anything out of their distraction.

I’ve just awoke out of a thirteen hour sleep! Sure today I don’t have anything to do, but yesterday’s training was harsh in every possible sense that the word can be employed… Sure I rolled twice with a black belt, and a brown belt who competes in everything he can, but damn… I was utterly destroyed. The feeling of impotence towards the adversary might throw you off balance and get yourself depressed, but that’s only if you don’t figure out what to do and how to stop their game before you can impose yours.


In my case, I’m finding myself a lot in the half guard of my opponents. I must find a way to stress them out of there and free my foot before going forward, otherwise they’ll just sweep me off. I believe my guard is improving well enough and I’m trying new techniques besides the armlock -> omoplata -> triangle. It is hard, but I have to give up the confort of my guard to do new stuff and risk having it passed.

Nevertheless my fellow warriors, do not give in to your ego. A winner has more defeats than victories. Where you lose and where you win, is what makes the difference. Stay strong, keep your head high and your mind focused. Happy rolls everyone! Oss!



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