Legends of Tomorrow – How To Fuck Up The Arrowverse Timeline Without Consequence

What are we going to do with the recurring characters that are left behind without a purpose in the Arrow and Flash shows? Here’s an idea! Let’s mash them all together to form a team, and mess with the timeline countless more times than the Flash, because there’s nothing more consistent then altering the timeline with a band of outcasts and misfits, right?



Rip Hunter, an agent that saw the rise of an immortal villain to Emperor of the world in the future, was tasked with the creation of a team of both heroes and villains to thwart Vandal Savage’s plans to reach global domination. While these were indeed heroes and villains, their scale and impact on history wouldn’t be missed from the timeline if they were to fail on their mission, hence why Rip tried and sucessfully recruited them to form the Legends of Tomorrow. Although each Legend is a wreck in their own department, they still end up doing what is asked of them usually through the least efficient path.



So we have characters that had their purposes more than fulfilled within the Arrowverse and that is where Legends of Tomorrow got its foundation. I’m okay with repurposing other characters goals, especially when they feel lost within the series. It’s ok to have characters fulfil their particular roles just to be left aside within the main story. That’s the whole purpose for story arcs right? Can’t have the same freaking characters all the time besides the main cast, and it would be just a shame to kill every secondary character their story had come to an end.

Although the plot of Legends of Tomorrow isn’t the most convincing one, time traveling aside, what really keeps this show fresh is the episodic system where the Legends travel to a different place and distinct time and approach a specific theme. Be it the 60’s, 20’s, Viking era, Knights of Camelot era, you name it.

In the first season, they travel mainly to put a stop to Vandal Savage’s key points to reach global domination, like the acquiring of a nuke during the Cold War, or simply target Vandal’s financial assets. Of course, all throughout the season, the Legends get to reveal some more points about each other and how they interact as individuals towards certain aspects, specific times, places and ideologies. The same formula is applied in the following seasons although the reason why they travel to each particular time differs accordingly to what they must do put a stop to the either the Reverse Flash or Mallus. Like finding a piece of a powerful artifact, solving time anomalies, or simply more powerful artifacts…

The series counts with a lot of guests both fictional and historical figures which adds another layer of depth to the time traveling scene. The coolest ones however, are John Constantine and Jonah Hex, both characters of the DC universe.

Although the premise looks great, the quality of the show weakens over time, and I guess that’s even the reason why the seasons are shorter than any other CW superhero show. Not that it is a bad thing actually… It’s better like this than to drag the show into the abyss.

However, not everything is a tide of roses, mainly due to the time traveling aspect of the show. What else right? But if you read the Flash review, then you’re not surprised by what I’m about to say. And sorry about this but SPOILER ALERT!

I’m okay with going back in time and preventing your young selves being murdered. I’m even okay with a character going to the future, spending months or even years, being indoctrinated by the Time Masters only to appear in the next episode as their enforcer. It’s okay. It’s time traveling. But I can’t freaking accept traveling back in time just ten minutes back and interact with your “time clones” before being clearly stated that such a thing would break time and all of existence! Now everyone can make time remnants, as they are named in the Flash, and consequences just boom to time anomalies to serve as the breaking point for the third season’s villain. Kinda of a weak excuse to break that point there. Even though they could get what they wanted from another time and place. Yes, I’m talking about the second season finale… That was a mess in my opinion.



Legends of Tomorrow picks the heroes and villains that were left without a clear purpose in the Arrow and Flash tv shows and bands them together to reach a common goal which left unattended, will end up in changing the world for the worse. The show itself is funny to watch while you keep track of what’s going on in the Arrowverse as well.

Its short duration is actually commendable since you won’t get tired of the show for the lack of certain components that bring you closer to other shows, like feeling attached to a specific character or cause.

Nevertheless, the show is defenitely interesting to watch if you’re into Super Heroes and you currently watch Arrow and/or The Flash.


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