The Flash – The Fastest Man Alive… Always Late For What’s Important.

You were in a coma after being hit by lightning and when you wake up, you have extreme speed that pretty much neglects the concept of time and space for miles and yet, how can the fastest man alive, get knocked off so many times by such trivial super powers? Sure the episodes need to last forty minutes but come on, there had to be ways for more convincing setbacks right?

the flash poster 2


Barry Allen, forensic scientist with his dad in jail and mother killed when he was ten by a mysterious blur, gets hit by lightning when the particle accelerator explodes in its first try within Star Labs, based in Central City.

Having been raised by Joe West, a detective in Central City Police Department, Barry Allen begins to understand his powers and limitations with the help of the scientists that remained in Star Labs after the catastrophic event. While working as a forensic scientist for C.C.P.D. Barry and his new team at Star Labs, who also treated him when he was in a coma, make it their mission to stop other meta humans (people who got super powers through the particle accelerator explosion) from causing havoc in Central City, all the while being manipulated by a villain from the future who was obecessed for whom Barry Allen would later become, The Flash.



The Flash, although some minor inconsistencies and my eternal hatred for time travel and multiverse, is without a doubt my favorite Arrowverse/The CW Superhero show. And surprising as it might be, it doesn’t have the amount of violence and death that I would expect from a DC comics based series or to my tastes actually. The truth is, there isn’t really a need for it.

The Flash is often referred as a superhero family drama and that pretty much resumes it besides the science part that is pretty much present in all episodes. Sometimes it is kinda blurry, and I couldn’t get around certain facts but for the most part, it sure is interesting!

The Arrowverse factor is present as well, first we see Barry Allen in an episode of Arrow before the beginning of his own series, and from the Flash we also watch things about the other series, as well as other characters sprawling to their own series, mainly to Legends of Tomorrow.

As you already know, I hate time travelling which has the possibility to change the past, present and future. It weakens the plot because anything can be changed and therefore, it is not definitive, thus weakening the impact of the story overall.

However, some of the impacts done by time travelling have effects that go beyond Barry’s control. And the creation of the third and most menacing villain comes from this aspect, a villain who foretold that he would kill Barry’s love at a certain location and time, thus announcing her impending doom.

Sure the first three villains were all speedsters just like Barry is, but Savitar, the last one, is something that just comes out of a prophecy. I can’t spoil too much but even his own creation is involved with time travel and therefore remains a complete clusterfuck about his creation because the past changes, the present changes and the future changes… So storywise it doesn’t make any sense, because once he is defeated, the present time Barry did not do something that would trigger Savitar’s creation… Confusing? Hell yea… But damn I couldn’t do anything else but shiver when he appeared. I’m such a fanboy, I know.

The first two are somewhat alike, both focused in getting faster and better than the Flash. But the last one, the Thinker, has proven to be the most powerful menace to not only team Flash, but to all of humanity as well. Unlike the other three, the Thinker has a reason and a motive for his actions that would forever change the Earth, no matter how deturped it all may seem.


The series has a typical system where most episodes are about a new crime, normally with a new meta involved, while adding another couple of steps to the main story until the climax is reached in the last episodes. In my modest opinion, it doesn’t get old! The system works and the episodes haven’t felt boring or out of pace at all.

There are a lot of romances in the series each and everyone of them at different stages of the human life, but with more heartbreaks than happy moments. In my opinion the series doesn’t shine in this aspect, with the main focus revolving around Barry and Iris who were raised together and happen to develop feelings for each other while fighting crime and meta humans, although Barry always had a crush on Iris since he had met her.


The action allied with the scientific component of the meta humans’ super powers is really what compels me about this series. The characters think together, elaborating theories, some more far fetched than others, but still probable in a real life scenario, thus adding a degree in depth about the strategies being employed to defeat a particular meta human. Most of the time, Barry’s efforts are thwarted because, let’s be honest, a man with not only incredible speed, but also with the ability to think faster than anyone else, how can you defeat such an entity without an almost perfect defense to buy you time? It doesn’t matter if your body is fast if you can’t think about what ledge to climb or which stairs you’re gonna skip, all things that the Flash performs with excellence. Barry purposely fails most of the time at the begining of the episode merely because each chapter was made to last 40 or so minutes.

The show also meddles with the multiverse, meaning that there are multiple versions of the Universe which occupy the same place, only that they vibrate differently and thus are possible to exist in the same place. That’s what I understood of it… Why they say that there are only 51 of these versions, I don’t really know… We learn of some of Earths in this Universe, like Earth-2 where the main storyline for season 2 occurs, Earth-21 was once a world where the American government treated super heroes with trepidation, and Earth-X where the Nazis won WW2.

Timetraveling is also used, abused and molested in this show. Consequences of it being used even sprawled to other series, like Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. We get drastic changes of the past, trips to near the future, near past, deep future, you name it! And the thing is, they kinda treat the timeline as a multiple string that is erased and adapts to what is changed. Then they add the beginnings of Savitar and the Time Remnants, I’m just shocked at it’s very concept. Time Remnants are versions of speedsters which their respective timelines had being altered and thus they only survive by running away in time to escape the adaptability of the timeline, but also the Time Specters or the Black Flash, who are basically enforcers of the Speedforce who chase these speedsters who abuse it and are actually running away from their certain deaths. Yes, I know… The Speedforce… An energetic entity… Just wait until I get to Legends of Tomorrow to bash this time travelling nonsense to oblivion.



Everything I like in a Superhero show, the Flash has it! Interesting themes that revolve around science and the morality behind it. Above the average strategy for combat with super abilities, disregarding the fact that the Flash’s ability is always underwhelming in the first half of the episode. Some complex characters that surprise the viewers more often than not. And a little bit of drama here and there just to push some of the characters around the edge.

All in all, the Flash is the best superhero show that I’m currently following, and I’d even watch it alone without all the other The CW shows. Of course all the shows gain with the Crossover event and following the entire Arrowverse just to watch those epic episodes is totally worth the time investment.

Special mention to Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Professor Wells (Tom Cavanagh) who add so much to the series!


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