A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep. 23 – The Season Is Over

It seems that for each season as a Lifeguard that passes by, I get to love more and more about being in this magnificent profession.

Some days ago, in one of the various chats that I’m in as a Lifeguard, people were discussing about our wages and advantages of our job. Most don’t have access to meals and the job itself doesn’t pay very well for the amount of hours a day that we are on the watch. Just so that you guys may have an idea, we get 3,7€ an hour, for ten hour shifts, everyday without an offday. Of course, if you want an offday, then it will be discounted in your salary.

However, what truly shines about being a Lifeguard, is the possibility to walk around the beach, your feet above the sand, being washed by the salt water of the ocean while the sunlight energizes your whole body with enough vitamin D for the rest of the year even if you spend it completely isolated in a cave somewhere…

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And that my friends, is a luxury that few other jobs have. This season even managed to top the one before it, although it was more attribulated too. I had a lot to deal with this Summer both at and out of the beach. The job kept me busy enough not to dwell on my problems so much as I’d have on any other regular profession. As usual, I’ve made new and interesting friends, and kept old contacts in touch, both colleagues or otherwise. There’s only gratitude in my heart for whatever cosmic entity there is that allowed me to meet so many wonderful people. People whom I hope to remain in contact with for many years to come.


I’ve never been hit this strong by the end of a Season and the uncertainty of the near future. It seems that the better the seasons, the worse you’ll feel when they end. And what a season it was… There was such a turmoil of emotions that altogether had made me grow a little bit more.

Until next time, my beloved Summer, you were a blast!


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