With Blood & Magic – Ama Noral’arkhana

Ama Noral’arkhana

Saved by magic. I found my aptitude for the arcane when I was three after turning a spider into a beautiful charred delicacy. Did you know spiders can grow up to half the size of a Hawkstrider? Or basically, the height of the bird’s height… I was quite traumatized at the time and the emotions triggered the only time that I used fire magic and in doing so, burned our house to a crisp. My parents knew at that moment that they would have trouble with me if I did not control it, so they taught me to read as soon as possible. Every special occasion there was I’d get a couple of new books to further increase my knowledge of the arcane arts and in doing so, I’d keep my aptitude in check and within my control.

Chapter 3

Before venturing to the city, I assisted the conversation that Rommath had with my parents. Can you believe that they were relieved that the Magister wasn’t taking me in the first place? They were practically asking him not to take me with him. I had to intervene and speak my mind before Rommath could give up while facing my mother’s tears. I told them that if I was going to mark our name in history that I had to get out of Fairbreeze and study the arts of the arcane with a proper tutor. Having Magister Rommath as a teacher was indeed a great honor and it was simply unthinkable to turn him down at that point. I hugged my parents as if I wasn’t ever to do so again. Tears ran down through my mother’s face, but my father was oddly calm and slightly… Proud? I never understood my father very well… He gave me a small, silver bracelet with a sapphire imbued on it and told me to keep myself out of danger. I couldn’t stay there much longer without watering my eyes as well, so I dashed to my room, grabbed my notes, a change of clothes, some food and everything I managed to monetarily save. Then I met Magister Rommath outside the shop and we walked out of the village.

“I take it you never teleported before. Am I correct?” Of course that I had not… Teleportation is an exact science. One wrong movement or calculation and you might end up in the depths of the ocean, or in the heart of a mountain. And that’s if you’re lucky because otherwise, you might leave your body parts scattered across Azeroth… Sure this was all that I thought, but I simply shook my head without letting a word out as a response. “Really? You’re not as reckless as I thought you to be…” His smile grew across his face, slightly satisfied for the sole reason of confirming that my self-preservation sense was not gone entirely. “Well then, after you…” And before I could even question, the very fabric of space was tore apart and I could literally see the inside of a room richly filled with Elven decorations. I wished I could stare at it more time on that first time, but Rommath did not seem to have much time to spare so I jumped towards it.

How a portal to Silvermoon is depicted in the cardgame, Hearthstone.

Rommath is really an expert in Teleportation, and up until this very point when I’m writing this, I still haven’t mastered this category of the arcane as good as he in the past, much less in the present time.

I warped through the portal and appeared in a chamber. Somehow, I lost my sense of balance and only by pure instinct, I didn’t fall on my chin. Four walls painted with red and details of stars and other celestial bodies in various tones of gold. There was a wooden desk in the middle of the room, with some books, a couple of tall candles, a lot of blank parchments and a set of quill and tint. Surrounding the walls were several shelves filled with books. Encyclopedias, tales of adventures and countless others about the various schools of magic.

Rommath warped in right after in a much more glorious fashion than I did. “You haven’t met the surface properly… Good for you.” The magister pronounced with a smirk on his face. Sure… How about a warning before risking my beautiful face?! No matter… I’ll endure this obnoxious behavior until I get everything I want from him.

“You will find everything you need here in this chamber.” Everything I need? You can’t possibly abandon your apprentice to her own luck in the first couple of hours, right? Eh… Wrong! Rommath left the room through a wall that magically deconstructed itself just to let his form pass. I tried to follow him, but the wall quickly reformed. “There are… Important matters, that I must attend to, Leafara. I’ll be gone for some days…” Days?! Did I just trade my life in Fairbreeze to be a prisoner? “I hope not to find you here when I return.” I swear by the Sunwell that if I had clear vision of Rommath at that moment, I’d freeze him and cast him out to Northrend! He did not say another word, but I could imagine his cynical smile at the time.

About ten percent of Rommath’s collection.

There were a lot of books around but before I could even think of getting out of there, I had to sate my hunger first. For a small room, there were a lot of books available. It even seemed as if space functioned differently in that room. I searched for literary pieces of conjuration and found a whole bunch of useless stuff. Luck was on my side and I came across Mana strudels and water. Anything would be delicious at that time. My eyes ran through that section of the book and I quickly learned how to conjure the food that would soon fill my belly.

I thought that it was going to be easy, but it seems that I’m a disaster at both cooking and conjuration, so that’s two disappointments in the confection of food right there. It took me over thirty attempts to get it barely edible… Well at least the water did not taste like a sewer waste and the strudels felt fresh for the most part. With my belly full, I thought of a way to get out of that room, but then again, should I really take the bait from the Magister? Or should I simply absorb the huge amount of knowledge that was simply waiting to be read and studied?

If I were to be a devious master of the arcane, I’d probably set some harmful traps along the way for my apprentice to encounter. How could he or she venture the unknown of the world without surprises? Rommath spoke of days, so if I take at least one to learn and the other to escape, I can probably take the most of this situation.

Teleportation was out of the question. Alongside chronomancy, teleportation is also the epitome in difficulty when addressing the various arts of the arcane. Something alongside conjuration or runes, perhaps? I went straight to the wall and inspected it, touched the limits where its form had changed to give space for Rommath to pass by. Not an illusion, that much is certain. Should I deconstruct the spell, or learn how to interact with it? Nullifying it would be the most direct one, but it would imply that the spell would not work afterwards… Better to leave that for someone else to answer.

With a conclusion already picked, I searched the various shelves for books about runes and encantations. Around the sixth book, I found the “How To Conceal An Exit To Evade A Lover’s Wrath”, author… Unknown. One thing I must admit. Rommath always had a great sense of humour, even in the direst of circumstances…

The book was a little bit thick but since I’m and avid reader I may have read it fully in about a couple of hours, give or take. When I got to the practice part where I’d activate the spell and validate it with my own arcane signature, I activated a magical trap within the book. It flew out of my hand and floated to the center of the room, where it unleashed several beams of energy at random… Or so I thought.

Pieces of stone and metal surged from behind the book shelves, pushing the pieces of arcane knowledge aside and onto the surface. They came together forming a humanoid shape with the metal harnessing the arcane energies and reporpusing the stones to fit together with each other. While the transformation concluded, a deep voice came from within the head of the golem. “Unothorized access. Pacifying transgressor through Protocol 2.”

The golem wasn’t that much taller than me, but it was built with solid stone and it stepped forth to grab me in a mechanical fashion. I dashed backwards after freezing it in place with a Frost Nova alongside the entire surface of the room. With my magical instinct at work, I casted a Frostbolt, immediately followed by an Ice Lance. The damage should have been sufficed to put the golem out of the way, but the damn thing was sturdy. Rommath sure demanded much from his apprentices at the time!

Luckily for me, the effect of my Nova was still holding the golem in place. But since it could not move, it changed its approach. The golem casted an arcane barrage without any previous indication of doing so. At the time, I was terrible at blinking but in this moment of panic, anything would be better than being vaporized by the chaotic force of this arcane magic. I got out of the way, appeared behind the golem, and the attack that would certainly destroy an entire shelf of magical knowledge was absorbed by an invisible field that protected the books in question.

The ice around the golem’s feet was about to break in a couple of seconds. I could notice some movement in its legs, it wouldn’t take much more before it could chase me around the room. I casted another Frostbolt and aimed it specifically to the golem’s lower limbs. When I launched it, the golem attacked back with a channeled magical attack that consisted of Arcane Missiles, I managed to dodge the first couple of missiles which were absorbed by an invisible barrier as well, and then used Counterspell to interrupt the Golem’s magic attack.

When the golem finally broke free from what was bounding it, another Frostbolt followed by an Ice Lance found their target towards the stone construct, finally shattering it into pieces. What was left of the magic holding the golem together had returned to the book.

I must admit it, I thought I was going to die at least twice during this encounter. Even up to this day, Rommath did not confirm to me if the golem was actually deadly. Its name is Rubble by the way, for future references.

Not Rubble sadly. I did not have the chance to take a photograph with it, sadly.

Once I caught my breath, I picked up the book from the frozen floor and browsed its pages from where I left of, only to notice that each page had the same incantation at play. The part where I left before the golem was activated. After approaching the wall that would soon open, I added my signature to the spell and once I used it, the wall crumbled inwards towards the sides just enough for my slim form to pass through. The book floated off my hand and went straight to its original shelf and I was left wondering if I should stay for a little longer or if I’d venture outside on the streets of Silvermoon.

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