Arrow – In A World Filled With Guns, This Dude Picks A Bow…

A (playboy) millionaire returns to his home city to fight crime after losing his father and having faced death on many occasions while receiving ninja training from the League of Shadows. It kinda looks like Batman right? It isn’t, but it’s close!



Oliver Queen went missing after the yacht in which he boarded with his father got lost in a storm. The heir to Queen consolidated returned after five years to Starling City, definitely changed due to what he faced during his time away.

His return was heavily reported by the media and being the young millionaire that he was, he was the center of attention for some time while he dealt with his mother and sister who had suffered so much in his absence and now with the confirmation of the father’s death.

In truth, Oliver’s father had left him a list of criminals who strived in Starling City, whom he was also guilty of helping and/or allowing them to continue to be so. Oliver took his father’s task and adopted the hood and bow and started to put the criminals and their respective operations to rest at night, while playing as the heir to the city’s most prominent family by day.



Arrow is already on its a sixth season and the next one is already going to happen. For most shows, the quality of the narrative degrades as the seasons come, and in my opinion, Arrow is no exception.

The first three seasons were spectacular! No one is immortal! Characters who you think are going to stay for a while get killed, Oliver puts up a team to fight crime and changes his purposes for both is day and night lives throughout the seasons. I wonder how this guy manages to rest with so many activities… However, from the fourth season forward, the formula is repeated too much and doesn’t change enough in order to keep the viewers hooked to this show alone.

For the first five seasons, we also get to know what Oliver was doing in his five years of absence from Starling City. That was a cool and interesting aspect of the series, which also linked some parts of what was happening in the present.

I must say, the action scenes are pretty neat, although you can clearly spot some invisible punches, the overall scenes, and the camera following a character or simply travelling around the area while all sorts of mayhem is happening, is definitely exciting to watch!

However, the storylines aren’t specially captivating, mainly towards some of the villains’ motives which are kind of vague, but becoming worse as the seasons pass by. Special mention for an episode in this last season in which it solely shows the origins of the main villain through his perspective. It felt different and refreshing, thus pleasing my pleb tastes. But the storyline I felt more turned off from, was the one about Detective Lance and the relationship with his daughters. It gets used and abused to the point of exhaustion… Sometimes I even consider to skip those scenes to be honest.


Arrow is a pretty decent super hero show which spawns some other projects within the same universe, also known as Arrow Verse, like the Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow. Although the show has already some visible signs of weariness through the plot and its heavy six seasons, the show itself does not become that bad and the next season promises some new and refreshing ideas for Oliver Queen and his colleagues as they fight crime in Star City.


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