A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep. 21 – To The Rescue

Last Tuesday, about midday, I had just arrived at my outpost with my pockets filled with food and already eating my loaf bread with ham and cheese. Everything normal so far.

I looked around and noticed two people, somewhere around the place where the Spanish woman died two years ago, swimming but not getting anywhere… I dropped the food I had in my pockets and with suspicion, I grabbed the rescue belt, the fins, and began to walk towards there. No more than ten seconds later, the Lifeguard from that beach comes running down and enters the area.

Can a guy at least eat in peace and quiet? No, not really. I ran as fast I could, shouted for my colleague who was on the rocks below, and we arrived there pretty quick. Remember that I had loaf bread in my mouth? Yea, couldn’t chew it and I couldn’t get any saliva in my mouth as I ran and breathed through it.

Once there, I analyzed the situation and saw the Lifeguard already next to a couple of girls who were facing a huge rock, barely holding any grip to it due to the strength of the current. My colleague prepared to enter the water, so I sprinted to get the circular buoy and the rope from the reel which has 200 meters. No fucking way we’d lose them with these even if they went far into the sea. I got the tools and I sprinted back, with the reel having stopped midway… Fortunately, people were there and got the reel up, thus enabling me to push more rope.

Reel without rope.

I got there again with the tools, and somehow both girls were now on the rock, without any immediate danger as the Lifeguard who arrived there first did his best to calm them down. My colleague tried to come back and it did not matter how fast he swam, even with fins, the current was simply too strong. It was barely three meters from away from being able to stand…

He asked for the the circular buoy and I unleashed the knots in its rope with the help of a bystander. Then we threw it over, and my colleagues proceeded to explain to the girls how the procedure was going to happen while giving a helping hand in the process. As I walked back to the dry sand, I began to spit the loaf bread on my mouth, which was choking me this time, since I had no saliva to spare to swallow it since I was breathing heavily.

I reached my mouth with a wet, salty hand and grabbed what I could before spitting the rest. I guess the man helping me was quite impressed by it, and not in a favorable manner towards myself…

The first girl jumped into the buoy and we pushed her over to shore, and then the next as well. The procedure went smoothly, thanks to everyone’s coordination.

Circular Buoy

There were injuries of minor scale on the girls’ legs to which they received treatment from the Lifeguard of the beach where the incident happened. Fortunately, everything went well.

From this, I got one new tip for myself, and another one for you guys if you happen to be Lifeguards yourselves.

First and foremost, check the ropes in your equipment. Extend them all and then put it back together in a way that it won’t get knotted or stuck. We did this last year with the reel, so when we need it, we won’t be held back by it.

Lastly, don’t ever begin a rescue with anything solid in your mouth. Just spit it out, don’t think about the people around you, just do it. It will only make it harder for you if you do otherwise.

Thank you for reading and stay safe!

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