Situation Point – 2nd of June, 2018

The blog is on the rise for the last three months! Just for you guys to have an idea, the blog has already surpassed the number of views and visitors from 2017 by a large amount, and the last three months were the best three since the blog exists.

As for Enclave, the third book remains in a state of hiatus. I’ve been way too busy with my blog and with my actual classes, which added to the lack of a schedule to work on the book, left its editing process completely unattended. Measures have been taken to counter this fact, and I’ll continue the process to get Enclave – Confrontation out this year.

Here’s what I have planned for Through Fantasy and Reality for the coming months.

Fear – Anna

A story about a debt collector who makes a living while loaning and collecting money. Her life took a different turn when a client threw a curse upon her.

With Blood & Magic, a World of Warcraft Fan Fiction

A journal containing the story of a Blood Elf Mage, written in the first person.

Post Mortem

The sequel to Modus Operandi now has a definitive name. This story was a success in the blog and in the eyes of my friends who read it. Now I have an idea of where the story should go, so expect it sometime soon. Remember that just like the first one, this one will also be released when it’s rightfully written. It will take a while but it will be worth it!


There are a lot of reviews coming, mainly about the series that I’ve been watching all these years and which their seasons have just ended. Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Supergirl and more.

This is it for today guys, keep checking back for more content! Wish you a great week!


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