YouTube Recap – 29th of May, 2018

Alright. YouTube Recap is here, and it ain’t really extensive this time. I’ve added only four videos in the whole month. The last raid, Antorus the Burning Throne, is completed alongside the last quest where we take Illidan’s memento to Tyrande and Malfurion. I’ve also added the quests in Silithus, which are kind of underwhelming. I was expecting the heroes of Azeroth to deplete their Artifacts and clear Sargeras’ sword, but I guess we will have to wait until the expansion patch. There are two class mount videos missing of my 110 alts, the mounts of the Rogue and Warrior, but I still haven’t felt like farming around the Broken Shore to get those.


Even though I received Battle for Azeroth’s beta, I really don’t feel like recording it and posting it online, since there are already a ton of videos with better quality than the ones I could upload. The demonetization process back in February really put my motivation down to continue with the channel. I haven’t touched the Overwatch video and I guess that I won’t ever finish it, mainly due to the extra load of editing that it needs and then because it won’t get that many views in comparison to the time that I would invest in the video.

This also goes to the video reviewing Legion as an expansion, where I’d comment the aspects that changed in the game, both good and bad with constructive critique, and of course, a short resume of the whole story, campaigns included. Perhaps in the future, I will, but right now, personal matters are in the way and there’s no incentive at all for me to waste that much time in creating content that barely anyone watches, and which does not add a few cents to my pocket like it did before.

As of this moment, I’ll close my Adsense account and receive what I’ve earned and the channel will enter a hiatus. Thank you so much for following these posts and please keep checking the blog for new content. Wish you a good day!

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