Death – R.I.P. John Bain aka TotalBiscuit

It’s been a while since Death has crossed my mind and made me look back. I’ve come across the YouTube channel of a prominent content creator that at the time, focused on World of Warcraft videos, mainly Cataclysm Beta in the year of 2010.

There is always a certain charm to British accents but it was the quality of the content, mainly the free speech applied, where he spoke whatever was on his mind regardless of who it could please or hurt, that hooked me to Total Biscuit’s channel. Then he stopped doing World of Warcraft videos and began other projects. Most of them did not interest me, but I still wasted my time watching the WTF is series, where he picked a game and analyzed it with a great constructive critique. There were many indie games picked by him, and I believe that some of their success was in part due to TB’s diffusal.

Later he was diagnosed with cancer and I checked up on the channel every once in a while just to see how he was doing. As of latter, I remember watching videos of him unpacking stuff from countries around the world. I’m not entirely sure if it was sweets alone or if it was a mix of snacks. He survived for some years, but ultimately, as all living things do, he passed away.

This goes as a small tribute to the impact that this person made on my life, as well as the industry that I love. May John Bain rest in peace.



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