Let’s talk about hype! – Avengers: Infinity War

Now, this is just an entry to pave the way to accommodate one of my most anticipated movies since I’m breathing on this blue planet of ours.

There are a lot of reviews, comic comparisons, and what to watch before delving into Infinity War, but this isn’t the purpose that I attributed to this entry. Let’s take a step back and just appreciate the path that led us here, to this very moment.

Think back in time. Think where you were in 2008. Think in what you were doing back in 2008. I had just prematurely entered college. Prematurely because I simply wasted the first year, like an operational slave lits a cigarette in a ten minute break. In 2008, this cinematic journey began, adding and developing these characters that we’re so fond of watching in animation series, or even past movies.

The Avengers (2012), was the first movie to gather some of the heroes against a common threat, but Infinity War… Infinity War is the sweetest of the cherries on top of the biggest, most delicious of cakes. The project in itself is the wet dream of any creator! To have your ideas refined and forged for the big screen is certainly the accomplishment of a lifetime. To have this huge piece of art connecting all these projects and aligning so much effort into a mere two hours and a half… It’s like achieving enlightenment… A state of eternal happiness for all those who had their hands involved in the creation of such storylines and characters. Oh! How I envy thee!

Tomorrow, Saturday the 28th of April, I’m certain that I’ll be marveled by this cinematographic piece of art which culminates a decade of work from all the people involved in the past MCU movies. Can’t. Damn. Wait!




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