The Seagulls’ Tamer

His heart was pounding. Each thrust was so heavy that it seemed that at any point, the most active muscle in the youth’s body would burst through his ribcage.

He ascended above the rocks at the shoreline and looked below without a second of pause. A big wave crashed against the rocks, water splashed upwards, buffeting the young man’s face with drops of salt water. The sound alone was enough to startle the young man, but it was having his face sprayed that forced him to step back.

A flashback passed right through his mind. Memories of both past and recent present, speeding as if he was actually living them. He dropped down to his knees with heavy breathing, looking down to the rocks where he stood.


“This is not worth it…”

He stood up, determined to do what he came here to do.

A step forward was taken.

He looked down below again, and again another wave crashed hard against the rocks. This time, however, neither the sound or the water sprayed on his face had forced him backward.

This is it… this is the end.”

He closed his eyes and abstracted himself from the world around him. Another sequence of images dashed behind his eyes. He lifted his right foot and moved it forward, and then, the silence was shattered by a single caw. His eyelids opened. A seagull flew past him within less than a couple of meters, scaring him away from the edge. He stepped back, startled. The seagull circled around, squawking every once in a while.

The young man was marveled at the timing of the bird, for reaching out to him at the moment of no return, for whatever reason it saw fit. Out of nowhere, more seagulls flocked towards the one already circling the young man atop the rocks, cawing as if protesting against what he was about to do.

The phenomenon could have any other plausible reason, but at that crucial moment, the young man took it from the seagulls, not to give up on his life.

Tears ran down through his face, like a dam opening its gates for the river to flow. The strength in his legs faltered. He dropped to his knees, bent forward and screamed his frustrations out as loud as he possibly could, while the seagulls continued to fly around him.

If anyone had witnessed that scene, they would probably name the young man above the rocks as a seagull tamer. It was, however, the man who was tamed by the seagulls. To keep fighting. To keep dreaming. To keep living.


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