YouTube Recap – 27th of March, 2018

This month’s YouTube Recap arrived just a little bit later than usual, but as you’re probably used to, it does not mean that my Channel has been without new stuff. Is it worthy of your attention though? Now that’s a more pertinent question… Alright, let’s begin the recap, shall we?


I’m still taking care of the Overwatch video, which after some setbacks, I’ve finally placed all the pieces together but it still needs some heavy editing and I’m still taking care of that. The video is mainly about what’s wrong with the game, so expect heavy bashing and a lot of sarcasm.


So I’ve already uploaded a ton of Witcher3: Blood and Wine videos and more are already on the way. The story is finished but I got the shitty ending for a change, so I’m going back to do it right before finishing with all the other secondary quests, and thus, ending the game for good. Deus Ex is waiting Geralt, I can’t stall for much longer… I’m sorry. Check the playlist for Witcher3: Blood and Wine on this link!


It’s been two weeks since I’ve resubbed to World of Warcraft, and so far, I’m actually liking it. Not that I’m playing much though, but the time that I play, I enjoy it a lot. I’ve done a couple of artifact appearances, class mounts, raided the entire Antorus the Burning Throne raid, and I’m already planning on recording a recap of Legion with a review of it, alongside what I look forward to in the next expansion, Battle For Azeroth.

This is it for this recap guys, subscribe my channel and follow the channel’s Facebook page for more info and new stuff that I’m working on. Cheers!

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