Belts & Stripes – Jiu Jitsu, The Soft Art

Ei there guys!

Hope everything is going well with you! This time, I’m introducing another kind of log here. And as you can probably tell by the title, it’s about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ for short. Through these monthly logs, I’ll reflect on what I’ve learned and what techniques stuck around, which ones I felt good at, the ones I haven’t managed to get and the ones I really want to get. This first entry will be an introduction though.

So if you somehow landed here and you’re not aware of the art, Jiu Jitsu is a Martial Art that focuses in submitting your opponent through a variety of locks or strangulations on the adversary, by using the gi/kimono or your limbs for that effect. Mainly the combat happens on the ground (mat) but it also has an on foot component, where for example, Judo comes in handy for throwing your opponent to the ground and gain the upper hand.

In October of 2015, I started to practice M.M.A. at Sparta – Centro de Treinamento, in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, mainly because I was out of shape and I was tired of the regular GYM. I wanted something practical that could get my body functional but also my brain and my limbs to adapt to something new. A year later, in November of 2016, I participated in an amateur fight and despite it going well for me while being hit only twice, I still lost it due to a point difference. My opponent managed to throw me down four times and I lost a lot of points while I was on the ground.

You can check the detailed entry of my fight through this link.

I had some notions on how to work on the ground, but I still missed a lot of practice. And what practice… Then, in December of 2016, I began the path of the Soft Art, as people often call it. There’s a huge difference from the M.M.A. training to the B.J.J. one. Both are quite demanding on the body and of course, there’s also a difference in the type of physical constraints that you get for practicing each, but B.J.J. gets your mind thinking a lot more than M.M.A. does. Sure on the M.M.A. classes we also have a ground component, but with the gi/kimono, there are a lot more variables in the equation.

So, I’ve been practicing since then and I can’t get enough of it. I go to as many classes as I can and let me tell you, there are a lot of YouTube videos that can help you with a lot of stuff that you can later try on the class, but always aware of your colleague’s safety. A very important aspect of the Art! It is called soft, but injuries come in often if you’re not careful while practicing and rolling.


So far, I’ve only gone to a couple of intern championships of the Focus B.J.J. school. I didn’t get any good results but the atmosphere in these events is just amazing. Depending on how many of my colleagues will go to the next national, I’ll probably join them as well just for the experience. Anyway, kinda went off topic there, let me conclude this before it turns into a massive wall of text.

Alright, so once in a month, mainly on the second week of each, I’ll keep an update of my Jiu-Jitsu here in the blog as a retrospect of what I’ve been through inside and outside of the classes, and perhaps, help spread the word of this awesome martial art.

If you happen to have some questions about it, don’t be shy, ask away. If you happen to try it out and you get the same taste as I did, you’ll probably become addicted to it as well. I guess this is a good kind of addiction though…

That’s it for today, wish you guys an awesome week!



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