2017 Through Fantasy And Reality – A Glance Back And Where It Will Lead Me

This comes about twelve days late, but better late than never, am I right?

First of all, the blog changed its visual! What best way to start the year off than with a new, renovated look? I believe it looks quite better now and it is more practical for any user, be it on mobile or on PC. Thanks to Marina for the help!

So 2017 was a great year for the blog! The number of visitors and views more than doubled when compared to 2016, and there has been a quite rise in the number of followers, whom I also follow back while the number is still within reason. I’ve also posted less eleven posts than in 2016, so I guess the content is probably getting better when having in attention the number of views.

In the past year, I managed to release my second self-published ebook, Enclave – Amelioration, where the action continues where it was left off in Enclave – Creation. From the few opinions that I got from this one, the second title is better than the first one across the board, which actually makes sense since Creation, as the title so well implies, is an introduction to the whole universe set in Chaotic Order. Amelioration simply continues the story with what the reader already learned in the past title, thus becoming more acquainted with its characters and terms. Remember that Enclave should be a huge book, but since I’d simply be demotivated to write and edit it all at once, I decided to divide it into four parts. The next title is currently being treated since the story is already written for the last two parts, I just need to rewrite/edit some stuff and names that changed since I began the previous two titles. I’ll probably add a couple of extra scenes and improve at least one of them that I remember. Shouldn’t be that much of a hassle, right? Oh, it will be… Who am I kidding?

Still about Enclave, I’m currently creating a cover letter for it and I’ll send it to as many agents as possible and see if my work is worth being traditionally published. So if you happen to be an agent, please contact me if you’re in the branch of the action and fantasy/sci-fi genre, it will be worth your time I’m sure of it!

orient in turmoil 1

At the beginning of 2017, I began a series of historical fiction based in feudal Japan, where pirates are plaguing the Japanese shores. I must confess, I’m quite proud of the stories in “Orient In Turmoil“, and there are still a couple more entries to add before I can unite the main characters under a single arc, in what will later be another one of my books! You will find Orient In Turmoil to be packed with action, violence, and gore. It is an era of uncertainty for Japan, where certain individuals will be put to the test under the current situation of the nation.

In the wake of the many reviews that I posted here on the blog, I was contacted to create some articles on a platform which it then decided in what website it would be uploaded to. Although I enjoyed in creating those, I must confess that I’m at a lack for words and purpose when writing to aim at views rather than what I want to write about. For that reason, I don’t think I’ll pursue that path any longer. You can check my articles by clicking here.


Since I worked as a Lifeguard as well, my Saga as one was also renewed for a second season. This was by far the best Summer that I ever had as Lifeguard, it was an amazing and rich experience where I met a lot of new people, but also strengthened the bond with old friendships. We will probably see the third season of it as well later on… (nervous laughing).

There have been a few added entries in Death and Fear, the latest one of both had quite the heat on them. The Death chapter not so much because of a good reason as you can imagine… I have two entries planned for Fear and well, you know how Death works right?

chaotic order logo

My YouTube Channel, Chaotic Order, had been growing at a steady rate of views and by the first week of each month, I resumed what I was uploading to the channel here on the blog. You can check the recaps by clicking here.

There’s also a special something coming by, which will shock your minds if you’re able to read it all. I’m just waiting for a piece of art to attach it to. It will be worth the wait though, trust me!

Last but not least, I’ve also started an account in Wattpad where I’ll share the existing projects here on the blog. Perhaps I’ll earn some more notoriety and get the attention of someone interested in publishing my stuff! Let’s cross our fingers for that!

2017 was an awesome year and I plan for 2018 to be much better. I wish you a guys a late happy new year with all the best!






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