YouTube Recap – 6th of January, 2018

Hello there guys! Welcome to the first YouTube Recap of 2018!


So as you already knew if you follow my blog or YouTube channel, I’ve been uploading videos with my Game of Thrones, A Telltale Games Series gameplays. Up until January 12th, the channel will receive the remaining videos of this playthrough. It was an awesome game, but I don’t think I’ll replay it anytime soon, even when taking into consideration the huge amount of decisions that I could change, different from my original playthrough.


I’ve been promising the Rogue campaign for a while now, and I’ll finally add it to the channel! Every piece of lore besides the class mount has been rightfully recorded and the videos are being rendered and uploaded at this very moment as I’m writing this.

While I’m speaking about World of Warcraft, I’m still missing to add the remaining of the Argus questlines and a complete run of Anthorus, The Burning Throne. The last raid of the Legion expansion which sadly, I still haven’t done. Once I’m done with these, I’ll probably make a video resuming this expansion, mainly talking about what was great, what was average, and what plainly sucked. In the meanwhile, and if I’m enough patience, I’ll get some more of the class mounts that I’m lacking or even level another character. This time, it will be a Druid!

As for these bad boys, I know I’ve been postponing them for what? A year? If it’s not a year it is close to that. I want to play them, but it’s just hard for me to make short videos of these, perhaps I’ll make shorten the clips of combat and stealth in Deus Ex so that the videos don’t get too long with only some boring fighting since I play way too defensive. And as for the Witcher, I must play a secondary quest at a time before I can advance with the main one which will alter the region of Toussaint once I go forward with it.

And to end this entry, I’m also uploading a video with a retrospect of the past year and a half and how I plan to change things a little.

This is it for this YouTube Recap guys! I wish you all the best!

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