Fear – Joan

Lucid dreaming. Ever since Joan heard of it, she was hooked into it right away. She searched the web, read any book she could find at the local library and even contacted some dubious forums and groups of people to learn more and even hints on how to do it. She had read and listened to all kinds of nonsense. From marvelous places that originated at a whim from the mind, to experiences that resembled reality in its all. Joan was a curious young woman and once an idea gets to the spotlight of her mind, she wouldn’t let it go until it was real.

Within her windowless bedroom, at the secretary near the door, Joan wrote about her past dreams and focused on them before going to sleep. When she paused, she often looked at her image in the mirror right in front of her. Black straight hair fell down way below her shoulders, and red lips were softly bitten every time she struggled to remember an important detail of her dreams. Joan’s pale face would contrast well with her lips, if not for the red light transmitted by the chandelier of Arab origin on the ceiling. A strange choice of color for illumination, but Joan had grown accustomed to it over the years.

Every day before going to sleep, she would write about yesterday’s experiences throughout her sleep and focus on them, in order to revive her memory but also for a more likely chance to continue her dreams. Fatigue had finally come and Joan slipped inside her blankets, always focused on the dreams that she had and the dreams that she would eventually have.


The excitement that lucid dreaming causes is almost addicting. Who wouldn’t want to explore their subconscious as they pleased while resting at the time? Besides, the feeling would empower you as you earned control of your own mind during sleep. A lot of creative people recurred to this in order to imagine new concepts in their diverse lines of work. Joan was a student in multimedia, and as such, she always craved for new experiences in order to boost her imagination beyond any kind of limits.

She was laid down facing upwards. Her eyes were closed, but within her mind, she saw everything as if she had them opened. Joan found herself in awe upon realizing why wouldn’t clocks and mirrors, function in the same way in her dreams as they did in reality. She wandered around in her room, thinking of the reasons for such a dilemma, until she laid on the bed, just as her body was. Then she tried to move, but couldn’t. She tried to control whatever was within her grasp but to no avail. Besides the ceiling and the chandelier, she couldn’t see much more of her room beside the mirror above the secretary and the top half of her opened bedroom’s door.


On the mirror, a creature materialized and passed through. It floated around the bedroom and even passed through the door as if discovering the place. It went back and forward, and Joan was able to notice its faint humanoid traits and gray tone. It looked like a humanoid dummy that you usually see in a clothing shop. Then, more of these beings appeared through the mirror and just like the first one, they hovered around the bedroom and throughout the house even, as Joan perceived. It came to her attention, that each of these creatures had a unique detail. One missed half a leg, another one’s face was deformed and another even seemed to be a pregnant woman.

Despite the sudden amount of creatures hovering around, Joan felt only a small drop of claustrophobia since the odd humanoids only seemed interested in exploring the room,  while occasionally taking a few glances at her. Then, one by one, each of them left the room. The door was shut quickly and the room darkened. Joan felt a strange pressure on her legs, but couldn’t notice anything. It was as if something was walking on her, yet the pressure was equally divided. Despair and anxiety began to fill her mind, as she tried to get out of that state. Yet, she could not move an inch nor wake from that dream.

The pressure extended to her whole body. Joan felt helpless, as this ominous force pushed her hair aside, gently, thus revealing her face wholly. Her heart kept racing and it almost stopped when the blankets of her bed were suddenly pulled out of it. She did not feel any physical contact and yet, her lamp on the bedside table was turned on. The red light revealed a gruesome and twisted creature. It looked like it was soaked in some kind of red paste as if it was ink, and yet, it did not drop a single gout of it. This abomination had several heads alongside its macabre body, added to another number of hands each with long and thin fingers. This nightmarish being was not in direct contact with Joan, but it was indeed getting closer.

One of its heads was looking directly into Joan’s eyes as if studying her. Its expression was undecipherable, although it seemed like it was smiling despite having its head turned upside down. Now Joan began to feel the creature while it studied every inch of her uncovered skin. The creature reaches for Joan. Several of its fingers touched her, several fingers from different hands caressed her body from toe to shoulders. The pressure recentered on Joan’s chest and she realized that this grotesque being is seated on her. She is terrified, not only because of the monstrous sight that was before her but also from actually feeling her body being touched.

One of the beast’s heads was right in front of her eyes, watching her. She was not able to react, but in her mind, she was crying, desperate to wake up. Her spirit was broken and everything she wanted was for this monster to go away. That this whole dream could shatter and bring her back. But she couldn’t wake up. In fact, she couldn’t do anything else besides watching. The air begins to lack in her lungs while she tries in vain to leave that state of mind. To her, it felt as if her life was held by a single thread. And it was, for several minutes.

In the next morning, her family stranged Joan’s absence at breakfast and so they went to her room to check on her. The light at the bedside table was on. Their family rushed in and talked to her, but she did not respond. They shook her and yet she did not respond. The young girl had entered into a coma. Her brain had passed through much stress and in an attempt to ease it before something worse could happen, it shut itself down. For how long, no one knows.

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