YouTube Recap – 9th of October, 2017

Alright guys!

YouTube Recap is here, and here’s everything I’ve been doing in the Chaotic Order channel as of late!

Sem Título

The Warrior Campaign is ready but I mixed up the two last videos so I need to render them both and upload them once more. The videos contain all of the Warrior campaign, but also the Champions of Legionfall added in Patch 7.2 where Warriors get an old orc known as Eitrigg as a follower. In case you don’t know, Eitrigg is a black rock Orc who was already old after the second war… He has a history with Tirion Fordring and you can read it all in the book Of Blood and Honor.

I’ve also added the campaigns of both Terran and Zerg from the vanilla experience of Starcraft Remastered Edition. The Confederacy is overthrown by the Sons of Korhal in the Koprulu Sector, a couple of planets are overwhelmed by the Zerg, Kerrigan gets infested by Overmind and ultimately, the Zerg invade the Protoss Homeworld of Aiur and establish their main base of operations there with an awakened Overmind. That’s a very resumed list of what happens throughout those two campaigns…

You may expect the following campaigns of Starcraft Remastered, I’ve just finished the entire game, I just need to place the pieces on Premiere and render all of that stuff and then upload all of it. As for World of Warcraft, I’m currently getting the Class Restricted mounts for each of my alts. Got the Death Knight’s mount and the story was actually pretty good! Next one will be the Paladin! I’ll also start to level up another alt, and this time it will be a Rogue. From what I’ve seen, they have important story details for many characters whom we thought were lost!

That’s all for now folks, keep checking back on the blog and my Channel!

Wish you all the best!



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