Situation Point – 4th of October, 2017

Hi there guys!

So after a tribulated summer, here we are again, looking at the projects derived from my imagination crashing against what I should do for a living.

Well, while I still determine what I should be doing for a living, here’s what I will do with my side projects.

I’ll search for a publisher willing to bet on my books. I can’t invest and advertise my books while writing at the same time. First I’d like to know if the content is good and if it needs some changing and then I need some other entity to advertise and sell the books. There’s so much I have yet to write… Here’s the link for the Enclave – Creation and Enclave – Amelioration if you want to take a look or even buy the books on Kindle(recommended) or Physical Edition.

I’ll keep working on Enclave’s third book and writing on the blog, I still have an Orient in Turmoil entry to finish, and all the usual stuff that I keep on doing. There’s no new stuff planned besides the usual.

As for my YouTube Channel, I’ve been uploading stuff unto it and it has been updated regularly. There’s an update post coming very soon too.

That’s it for now guys. Keep checking back in!

Wish you all the best!


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