Split – An Interesting Take On Multiple Personalities

The movie begins with a linear form. A birthday party had come to an end and the socially awkward girl had no one else to pick her up, so the birthday girl’s dad offered to leave her daughter’s friend at home. Alongside with the birthday girl’s best friend, they entered the car while the father filled the car’s trunk with the presents. However, it was not the birthday girl’s dad that then entered the car. And with a swift spray towards the girls on the back,  the man put them asleep. Casey, the socially awkward girl had a very strange reaction to the whole situation. She did not panic at first, but she was terrified to the heart. Upon finally getting the nerve to move, Casey tried to open the door of the car but was sprayed by the individual before she could do so.

maxresdefault (1)
Claire and Marcia

The girls woke up in a room, probably a basement, with two beds in it and access to a bathroom. As they tried to figure out a way to get out, their captor opens the lock of the room’s door and enters. The individual was flawless on his looks and it didn’t take long for him to reveal his meticulous behavior. Dennis left without speaking many words. Without knowing what would really happen to them, the girls tried to figure out a way to escape and to understand why he kidnapped them.

Dennis in the light

In the meanwhile, Dennis attends an appointment with Dr. Fletcher. But now under the name of Barry, a fashion stylist with multiple personalities. There we learn that Barry possesses 23 distinct personalities and that he is currently having trouble with some of them since each one of them battles with one another to get into the light, that’s the expression they use to tell that one of the personalities is controlling the body.

The girls do their best to escape, but without success. Even after trying to fool Hedwig, the youngest of the personalities, the girls were left without options to escape the enormous underground compound where they were held against their will. At this point, they knew that this person had multiple personalities and tried to use them to their own advantage in order to escape.

Dr. Fletcher

From another set of appointments with doctor Fletcher, we learn that there are some personalities who are fighting for total control of the host, and they also announce the birth of a personality that will soon take the light. The Beast, as they name it, is described to have inhuman characteristics and doctor Fletcher dismisses the possibility at first. But after taking in consideration that some personalities have diseases and limitations that others don’t, the doctor begins to wonder that this Beast isn’t really something from imagination.

And I won’t tell anything else in order not to spoil more about the plot of the movie.



To be honest, this movie was quite interesting. It has a good part of drama and tension felt in the skin of the girls. Mystery while in the skin of doctor Fletcher as she studies her patients. And then, the horror showed by Dennis who likes young girls as it seemed, and ultimately the Beast. And in between scenes we were presented with pieces of Casey’s past, where we will understand why she is so socially awkward…


Personally, I liked it very much. It was interesting to see James Mcavoy play so many roles in one movie. The Sci-fi factor also played an interesting part and leaves us wondering to this trait scarcely found in Humanity. You should watch the movie, not mainly because of the horror, but as to what it shows us with this so-called disorder. It will definitely entertain you to the end of it!




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