A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep.16 – Cows on the loose

Video at the end of the post!

Today something totally random and unexpected happened at the beaches in Vila do Conde. A bull somehow got loose from the rural fair currently taking place in the gardens near the town center, and again, somehow managed to come as far as the beach, more than two hundred meters of distance.

My colleague had to evacuate everyone from the beach when the animal entered upon the sand, otherwise, the bull could eventually harm anyone in its path. In a video from Facebook that he was recording, the bull rammed one person who attempted to get a hold of it.


Then as they tried to trap it with the help of a more domesticated cow/bull, the rampaging beast made its way to the beach where I worked in July and August, and luckily it climbed to the sidewalk instead of going through the stairs that connected the beach to the bar.


Of course, there was an apparatus of people watching the whole scene on the sidewalk and when the bull got close, everyone panicked and ran. Then the Lifeguards and authorities chased the animal who ran south towards the fort, always blowing the whistle and giving indications to innocent bystanders, through the avenue that then links to the beach where I am working through a small beaten path among the dunes.

They cornered the bull in a space of the parking lot and a vehicle for animal transport came by to collect it. The wild beast was not finished, however, as it managed to slip by the area made by the authorities and people that I believe are responsible for it, and ran south a little more, and from posterior information that I got, it hurt a man badly who found himself trapped in between the walls of the stone stronghold when faced with the bovine animal. After a little more chase, the bull was trapped in a ramp that gave access to the river and it did not venture into the water. If and how they managed to capture I still don’t know but shouldn’t there be a kind of animal control with tranquilizers ready at each city? And if there is? Why did they take so long to enter the scene?

Let’s just hope that everyone involved in the bull’s brutality recovers well. This incident could have a worse ending than what it had. That and that responsibility from this event are taken into account for what could be a harmful incident within the beaches and streets of my town.


EDIT: It seems that the bull was corned within this spot and then brought into a proper vehicle. There were also reports that the police officer shot the poor anime FOUR FREAKING times, with a child right next to him/her. Totally unacceptable if you ask me. Not because at that point the method to take down the beast to prevent damage / or even human deaths, but because the weapon in use was and is 99% ineffective against a creature of that size and it could only make it angry thus turning matters for the worse.

(EDIT2: I’ll try to get a hold of some videos and if possible, I’ll post them here. Will also post the credit for the pictures and movies soon!)

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