A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep.15 – Time Perception

The summer is fading away smoothly. Each day, less and less people come to the beach. The last cartridges of August are being spent on the sidewalks and shopping areas since the weather isn’t favorable for some sunbaths or to dive into the sea.


It is up to the lifeguards, however, to remain in their stations. Always aware of anything that happens at the beach. Be it either sunny, windy or rainy, on each day of the season, the Lifeguards set their outposts and perform their watch over the visitors of their assigned area.

In my case, I consider myself to be lucky. I’ve had good company over the last boring days. With the company of my colleagues of the next beaches, the company of regular visitors or even the workers at the bar, my time here was never dull. Even more this year, since last year I was able to write and read more than this season.


And even though I should be happy that Summer is ending, for it would indicate that life would go on in order to pursue my goals, that small and tiny bit of sadness is always present, marking its place to remember me that the Summer is coming to an end and with it, the routine that I have already become accustomed to. Dear August, you were great this year.

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