A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep.14 – Not Fit For The Job

To become a Lifeguard, you must first take a physical test in order to be admitted to the course which then requires an attendance of a month in both physical and theoretical classes. At the end of it, you’ll have to pass three tests, one is a simple test of multiple choice. Another one is about answering questions when face to face with the examiner where you’ll also perform CPR on a dummy. And the last one is a physical one, where you have to swim in order to beat the time and also a simulacrum of a rescue that you have to perform flawlessly.

All of this training and preparation won’t fully prepare you to be a Lifeguard. You have to be responsible, empathetic and proactive with the people at the beach. And that’s something that you are or you’re not.


A case of irresponsibility happened or is happening at a nearby beach and came to my attention. The Lifeguards there are simply irresponsible. Tons of people at the shoreline and they are either at the bar or at their outpost sunbathing. The sea is considerably agitated and the flag isn’t even switched from green. For two times already, a colleague of mine performed rescue there, in their designed area, and they were not even aware that something had happened.

Keep pushing the bar kids. Death looked at me in the eyes last summer. It is not something anyone would want to pass through. Remain reckless and the loss of a life or more may one day be on your hands. There’s severe punishment for negligence. My colleague and a marine warned them and I believe they placed some sense into them. So much, in fact, that one of them rescued a little girl right on the next day. After that, both of those Lifeguards behavior changed and they patrolled the area more often. Let’s just hope that they continue that way. One thing that I’ve learned on this job is to never ease on anything.

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