Two years through fantasy and reality!

On this day, two years ago while I worked at a pub during the hot summer, I decided to create this blog to support the progress of Enclave – Creation. Now my first literary piece is available at Amazon in both digital and physical editions…


…as well as its sequel, Enclave – Amelioration! A thing that I still haven’t announced, although it is already up at Amazon in both forms just like its older brother.

I’ll update the correspondent section and do a proper entry later on, but I’ll leave you with the link just in case if you’re interested! I’m still slacking to write a decent Email and send my works to international publishers and see if I can get launched traditionally! Anyways…

In two years I’ve started a lot series with my writing, be them either real or fiction, I always strive to be original while challenging myself with new topics to write about. There are a couple of entries coming along the way, some Lifeguard’s Saga and a very troublesome chapter for Orient in Turmoil. Hope you guys like them when they come out and as always, keep checking in!

Wish you all the best!




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