A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep.13 – Ego

I believe I have written something like the lines that you’ll be reading below but I cannot fathom the human ego. It sickens and disgusts me to the point of generating anger. I’d wish I could bury my torpedo up some people’s asses or down into their heads sometimes.


What exactly are you thinking, Mr. Middle Aged Man with a tummy twice the size of your thigh? That going up to the rocks alone with the waves hitting you by the knees risking yourself to fall through its sharp edges and then into the current is worthy a few kilograms of mussels and “percebes”?


Or you, young man with a couple of hairs above your mouth, do you think you’re going to be THE MAN if you swim 50 meters into the sea, risking yourself to be caught in a current near the rocks?

And what about you, middle aged woman with clear difficulty in walking above the sand, do you think that the waves with a yellow flag are not strong enough to sweep your feet off the ground when you yourself have enough trouble to remain standing?

Of course, you guys know. But you insist on risking it, and I believe most of you are simply unaware of the risks… That’s why we’re here too. But remember, three minutes without oxygen and you’ll have brain damage. After ten, you’re most probably dead. If you think that perhaps where you are is dangerous, then don’t risk it. Don’t leave your common sense at home people. Be safe.


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