Situation Point – 25th of July, 2017

Hi there!

Here’s a brief update about Enclave and its current status.

So as you probably know from my previous post, I entered a contest in order to get some attention for my piece of work. One of the many rules required to enter it was for the piece in question to not be in the market, so I decided to take it out of Amazon for a while.

Well, I didn’t earn any place at the podium, which I was already counting on since 20.000 characters are just about 10 pages of the book. 20.000 characters. It was the space limit allowed for each entry… It even seemed like I had traveled ten years back in time once I read that rule.

Anyway, Enclave – Creation is back in the store in both digital and physical forms!

In the following weeks, I’ll either try to make a decent trailer for Enclave – Amelioration, or I’ll simply place it in the store and then publish the trailer once it is done. I haven’t really made my mind about that subject…

One last note. I must write a ton of emails to international publishers and see if I can get someone to publish my work. It would be a lot better if I could focus alone on writing rather than trying to get people to buy my book. And that’s expecting that the book doesn’t suck…

We’re gonna have to be patient.

Wish you all the best! See you soon.


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