Spiderman: Homecoming – Just In Time For Infinity War

Ever since the animated series back in 1993, I’ve always enjoyed seeing Spiderman on his adventures across New York City. This movie, although a good one across most aspects, has one single purpose, which is to insert Spiderman within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) at the present timeline before Infinity War begins.


At the beginning of the movie, we’re introduced to the villains, a salvage company that was in charge of clearing the Chitauri tech and rubble after the invasion of New York City during the Avengers movie (2012). But since they were a private company, the government soon entered the scene and took the reins of that task.

With some materials already salvaged, the private company used the Chitauri tech to create new weapons and used them to steal more tech and even sell these sophisticated weapons in the streets.


We’re then transported to the present where Peter Parker has already become Spiderman without his uncle Ben and post-Civil War where he took Iron Man’s side.

Bored with his secret life, Peter keeps reporting to Happy, Tony Stark’s driver and agent, his daily routine as Spiderman and always asking for more things to do besides fighting the local crime. And yet he is conflicted with his double identity throughout the whole movie while being tutored by Tony Stark here and there as Peter crosses ways with the Chitauri enhanced weapons being used in assaults and shady deals.


The plot thickens as he tries to stop this salvage company from spreading such weapons while maintaining himself up to speed with his normal life, thus ending the movie with a more confident and capable Spiderman than what he was at the beginning.


The movie was good, I’ll tell you that! A lot of humor and action scenes are what awaits you if you haven’t seen this one. As for the story itself, I think it was decent, but there could have been more at stake and some extra motivation for the main villain of the movie besides earning money for his employees and family. All in all, Peter Parker is a young, kind and ingenious person who needs guidance in how to be a superhero. That’s what this movie is about, to turn Spiderman into a better hero than Iron Man or Captain America.


Besides a lack of a clear focus in the overall MCU story and the motivation hole within the villain, the movie is heavily packed with action as Spiderman moves around his opponents, shooting webs and performing acrobatic stunts across some well-known scenarios in NYC. You’ll also find plentiful comedy throughout the entire movie, Peter Parker is a funny guy either with or without the suit on, but his group of friends is hilarious and they will certainly entertain you well!

You should definitely watch this movie because let’s be honest, it’s a hell of a good movie but also, it is part of an entire collection of chained films that will all culminate in Infinity War next year or in 2019. You don’t really want to leave anything behind? Do you?



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