A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep.10 – Renewal

The season has started!
My Lifeguard course is still valid until 2018 and since I didn’t have a better job opportunity at the moment, I decided to take the role as a Lifeguard for this Summer of 2017.

I’ll be working full time, from 9:30 to 19:30 every day! I hope! I wouldn’t like to pay for a shift to rest. But if it needs to be done, so shall it be. Last year everything went well besides that incident on the first of September. Let’s go for a season free of accidents!

In June I’ll be working on a different beach, near the São João Stronghold. (Forte de S. João) Then in July and August, I’ll return to my home beach. This first day was sunny to contradict the common rainy and cloudy days that mark the beginning of the season. The temperature was kinda low, 21 degrees Celcius to be exact and the northeast wind was especially cold. But since it is a holiday now that the new government changed the calendar, there was an above average flux of people at the beaches.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes and what adventures this Summer has in store for me. The Lifeguard’s Saga is back!

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