Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot gets the job done right!

Gal Gadot and the entire cast and production team got the job right! That’s what I mean! But damn, she is really charming! Gal Gadot’s smile puts the wonder in Wonder Woman! I know she’s not smiling in the image below, but how can she look sexy and beautiful while at the same time completely menacing? We just don’t feel the threat because we’re sitting comfortable behind our screens because I assure you, the Germans that got their asses kicked by her in this scene we’re not contemplating her beauty…

Wonder Woman (2017)Gal Gadot
Wonder Woman (2017) Gal Gadot

The movie begins with Diana (later to be known as Wonder Woman) as a little girl, eager to learn the arts of combat in a paradisiac island called Themyscira. We’re told stories of how the Amazons came to be and what happened with the Gods that created them. Diana matures and becomes aware at the trial that she’s something more.


Then we’re transported to the time of World War I, at a point where the two factions are about to devise an armistice. An American spy working for England had managed to steal a crucial notebook that contained several annotations about a special weapon capable of changing the tide of the war. Without knowing it, the soldier’s aircraft had trespassed the magical field that protected Themyscira from the human eye and fell on its shores while Diana witnessed it and came to his rescue. Little did she know that a fleet of German soldiers was in pursuit of the American spy. A battle follows and Amazons with swords, bows and arrows fought against soldiers equipped with rifles and grenades. The natives had won but with a significant cost in lives, Antiope, Diana’s aunt, and tutor but also sister to Hippolyta the queen, had also perished in the battle.


With the help of the Lasso of Truth, the Amazons interrogate the American spy, Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine, and learn as much as possible from what had led him to Themyscira. They become aware of the current situation in the world and how much pain and suffering this war has brought. Steve struggled to withhold the information, but the Lasso of Truth proved to be stronger than his will and training as a spy. Now aware of what was going on in the world, Diana could not remain idle as millions of lives were at stake should the war continue. She believed that the God of War, Ares, was behind this conflict. It would benefit him well since he promised to erase Zeus’ creation from the Earth, ages ago. Diana sets her mind to stop the war and takes Steve out of the island on a sailboat but only after taking the Lasso and the God Killer, a sword that’s prophesized to kill Ares, with her to the coming journey.


If the movie portrayed the differences of having a society of only women, the second part then portrayed how society functioned a century ago. Women were seen way differently and they still could not vote. There’s even a joke regarding that matter. Now in London, Steve must first dress Diana as a young lady of the time and for that, he had the help of his secretary Etta Candy, played by Lucy Davis, who was also in about 50% of the humor that the movie has to offer! England was busy with the armistice and even with the proof that Steve brought about a new weapon that could change the tide of the war, the men in charge did not authorize any kind of mission that could jeopardize the treaty.

If you can’t do it in the light, then you do it in the dark. Steve reached out to his contacts for a small operation within German territory in order to strike the facility where this weapon was going to be distributed from. Soon Diana learns the horrors of war as she embarks to the frontline and sees the wounded and traumatized soldiers returning home.


Now at the frontline, Diana can’t let the victims of the war suffer and instead of passing around the frontline, she charges right through it, causing the Germans to flee and the allied forces to advance. The group ended up liberating a village under German control and were received as heroes there where they also took the picture above.

And now that I’m way past the middle point of the movie, I’ll just spill it out the rest of it. The group then learns of a festivity that will be celebrated in a nearby castle in order to welcome the armistice. Several figures of the German army will be there, including the General Ludendorff and his loyal minion, Doctor Poison, who were already shown during the movie to be the main heads of the German faction that wanted the war to continue and also responsible for the new weapon that the Germans would employ in the battlefield.


Our group of heroes infiltrates into the castle in order to get some more information about the whereabouts of this weapon. They manage to fail the capture of the two enemy figures and Ludendorff finishes his escape with a bombardment of the gas right to the village that Diana, Steve, and the rest had saved in the day before, thus killing all of the villagers.

Again, Diana could not control her own emotions and set off to the base of operations where General Ludendorff and Doctor Poison were, in order to finish the war once and for all. Sacrifices and revelations were made. And the movie ends in the present time, with Diana holding that photo as she remembered everything from that period. A photo that arrived as a present from Bruce Wayne.


Wonder Woman is delightfully divided into three magnificent acts. In the first act, we get to know a little of the story behind the Amazons, the Greek gods, and Diana herself. Themyscira is so visually appealing. It is by far the best scenario in the movie. There is some humor regarding the matriarchy by Steve’s point of view and there’s a sense of discovery and purpose that will be followed throughout the movie.

Then, when we reach the second act now in London, we see its industry, a lot of greys and dirt, the patriarchy and the lack of women’s rights as well as some inconsistencies in Diana’s behavior in comparison to a normal woman from that time and area which again, portray a significant part of the humor in the movie. Barred from doing anything legally, Steve opts for an operation in the shadows, believing that his inaction would certainly doom the armistice.


And ultimately we reach the third act, where we experience the horrors of war and how Diana could not ignore them while having the power to put an end to them, now with significant less humor and more seriousness towards the task at hand.

The action and special effects were awesome throughout the overall movie. Although, this is my own opinion and only in regard to the action, the sense of scale rises exponentially. There’s some hand to hand combat, then there’s a battle in between two groups, then armies, and finally an epic battle in between two God-like beings who use immense strength and energy capable of leveling entire fields with one blow. I enjoy this kind of battles but I think they’re less interesting than human level battles because there’s no measure of the combatant’s power. It’s energy beam and powerful hit, one after the other and it seems that they can take that kind of hits every single time until the directors see it fit to end the battle. Just my general opinion about this kind of scale, nothing really pointing especially to how Wonder Woman the movie handled this specific battle.


Overall, Wonder Woman is an excellent movie with great pace, well-placed humor, stunning visual effects and amazing action. Here’s how a heroine should be brought to life, thus empowering women to fight for their dreams and objectives in the process in a not so different but not so similar, patriarch society.


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