Major news regarding Enclave! Situation Point – 1st of June, 2017

Ei there guys!

So I was on my way to register Enclave – Amelioration, the second book in the series, when I noticed on the website’s ads about a contest happening in about a month!

world academy

You can make some of the words in Portuguese from the image above. Video, design, video games, animation, literature and so on. There are a lot of categories. The first three prizes for the literature award money that can be used at the World Academy website, but they also offer a thousand copies of the book! Be it at first, second or third place!


Besides the notoriety that Enclave – Creation would get by entering the contest, if by a miracle it could reach one of the top three spots, I would be able to sell some of those books due to the fame earned during the contest and boost a little what I could do in the next two books! It is a possibility!

So in order to enter in this contest, among other rules, I must take Enclave – Creation out of circulation and consequently, postpone the release of Enclave – Amelioration to the 1st of August if I’m correct, which is when the contest ends.


This will also give me enough time to work on the trailer for the second book since everything else is ready for it to be published.

Some sudden news I know but it is an opportunity I can’t allow myself to miss! Wish me luck!


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