Iron Fist – Marvel’s Last Defender Got Me With Mixed Feelings

Danny Rand, the prodigal heir to Rand industries settled in New York City, returned to his home after a long fifteen-year absence! Not because he chose to be absent, but because his plane crashed in the mountains of the Himalayas, ultimately killing the airplane crew and his parents.

Dany was found by a pair of monks who transported the kid to their village. But these weren’t any monks. They were from K’un-L’un, a mystical place that only is accessible from a passage at the Himalayas that appears once every fifteen years, give or take.

This young boy was then subjected to a rigorous method of training during all those years until and he was ultimately chosen to challenge the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying. If Danny could defeat him, he would inherit the power of the Iron Fist, a technique that grants you massive power and may even allow your fist to parry blades or bullets. Danny did so and inherited this power, but instead of guarding the pass like he was supposed to, he fled the order that took him in his most desperate state and ran back to New York City.

With ragged clothes, Danny entered his company’s building and hoped that everyone would accept the fact of him being alive. Something that went completely different as to what he was hoping for. His childhood friends who were now in charge of the company did not buy it at first and even attempted on his wellbeing but then, slowly, they became aware that it was indeed Danny.

The young prodigy would soon learn that a lot has changed ever since he left New York. His friends and his company were puppets for a dangerous organization and Danny would have to take measures to clean the corruption set on his parents’ legacy. In the midst of the city that never sleeps, Danny would soon find allies and enemies for his cause.


I thought of Iron Fist as the least good in these Netflix series about the Defenders. Mainly because the hero, Danny Rand, is still developing a sense of justice while being manipulated by everyone around him. His naívety is above the stratosphere… That and pissing off every shareholder of the company every time he breathes. Every action he takes publicly has a severe impact on the company. And that’s always for the loss of the shareholders…

Colleen Wing who offers shelter at her dojo for Danny, later forms a love bond with Danny Rand which leads to a lot of trouble and confusion for poor little Danny as he later finds out that Colleen was raised by the Hand, the same organization that Danny was trained and taught to destroy by the monks of K’un-L’un. And Claire Temple appears as the usual patch up girl and sidekick for the heroes in need.

Then we have a lack of a good villain. There are so many out there! Depending on your point of view. Ward struck me as a good villain who still needed some tutelage, but he turned out to be only tired of the manipulations of his father. Madame Gao then seemed to be the best option for the main villain as we already knew her from Daredevil. Well, she was leading a small faction of the Hand and got imprisoned by a larger faction of that same organization. Then we have Bakuto, the leader of said larger faction of the Hand where the beautiful Colleen Wing trained, but he was then defeated by his pupil after a series of manipulations that went wrong and was ultimately killed by a monk colleague of Danny. Which left only Harold Meachum, father of Joy and Ward, as the main bad guy remaining to be defeated as he tried to take Rand Industries for his own right after announcing his comeback from the dead. (Yes, he faked his death because he actually died, but was resurrected due to the Hand’s tech or magic, which isn’t really explaining how and why it happens.)

Personally, I really loved the acting of the Meachum family. They were all so human, fragile and filled with emotion. I adored it! As for Danny’s drama and even Colleen’s… Not so much. The action scenes were pretty decent, especially the challenges of the Hand that Danny took from Madame Gao. To me, those were the greatest battles of the series. A shame that the action climax was right at the beginning of the story

The Iron Fist is not the brightest introduction in the Defenders series, but not a bad one either. I’d still see it after reading this review and I can only imagine how these Defenders will be brought together and what kind of evil will they repel later on.



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