Death – Time Check

So what I do on my YouTube channel isn’t really to be taken seriously, but I do follow people who do take their hobbies or jobs very seriously as content creators. Mainly talking about World of Warcraft videos here.

There was this channel I discovered that portrayed World of Warcraft through a lot of data mining of alpha and beta zones and even live content that was inaccessible to the players. I saw a lot of his videos and somewhere I found out that the person behind the channel had cancer. You read it right… Had.

He was taking treatment and it sucked as you may imagine, but he did not stop to create videos about the one thing that he and I probably had in common, our joy for World of Warcraft. Yesterday I found out that he passed away in March and it came to me as a reality check. Not only because he died doing what he enjoyed at least until it was possible for him to do so, but also as a reminder that I should do what I like while I still can.

Here’s the link to his channel: Hayven Games

All the profits it makes will revert towards cancer research. News link:

May his soul find peace.


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