Situation Point – 7th of February, 2017

Hello there!

So this is the last situation point before the release of Enclave – Amelioration! I’ve been correcting a lot of stuff throughout the book. Grammar, errors, and syntax. As of this moment, I’m currently at 50% of the last review. This last review consists of a complete reading session of the entire book. I read it slowly in order to detect minor inconsistencies with the sentences and the plot itself. It takes time and it is boring, I’d prefer to watch grass grow, to be honest, but it is something that only I can do.


Once this bothersome task is completed, I’ll only need to register the project at IGAC, the Portuguese institution where the rights of the intellectual property of the book will be registered, and then it will be ready for launch!

I’m still looking for an agent or a publisher, so if you perhaps know of an entity which risks on Indie authors or if you belong to one yourself, please contact me! Or I’ll be looking for someone else in the near future! Hopefully, I’ll manage to cater to someone… T__T’

That’s it for now folks, wish you a good and pleasant weekend!


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