Logan – The Dark Side Of Super Heroes

Ah, Logan! What a movie! The trailer already pointed to a time where the age of mutants was long gone. The name of the movie also points out to the human side of the mutants, hence why they picked Logan instead of Wolverine. Beware of the spoilers!


The movie takes place in the year 2029, in a world that no longer has the X-MEN. Logan placed his Wolverine outfit to rest and had become a limousine driver in order to pay the bills. This isn’t the same Wolverine that we all know. This one is tired, both physically and mentally, from all the loss that he went through in the past years. The adamantium blades in his arms are finally taking their toll on Logan. His healing factor is becoming worse as days pass by.

After a week working at nights as a driver, Logan travels to a remote area and there he meets Kaliban and Professor Charles Xavier. He brings with him important medication to Charles who is suffering from a periodic affliction that causes his power to overload, causing total paralysis to anyone who is nearby. If this overload does not stop, it may ultimately kill whoever is being paralyzed and probably the professor as well.

After a rather quick visit on both of them, Logan departs once more. The Professor mentions that he has been talking with someone, but Logan doesn’t buy it because he has been medicated to prevent his affliction, thus disabling his powers. He goes back to work to earn more money for the medicine which is super expensive.

He is then contacted by a Mexican nurse who wants him to do a job for her. She knows what he is, I don’t quite recall if she calls him Wolverine or not, but he knows that she knows. He outright declines to help her and keeps up with his business. After another visit to the abandoned factory, the Professor insists that he has been talking with a mutant and that Logan should help her out.


A couple more turns and Logan ends up rescuing the girl above after discovering what she was, once he found the nurse dead, murdered in her room. He brought her to the hideout when soon after, a man comes up looking for her. It seems that weapon X-23 (the girl), alongside other mutants, had escaped termination from a facility in Mexico and was currently in route to a safe place in Canada. These mutants were created specifically to be emotionless weapons, but since they were later regarded as failures, it was decided by the company responsible for these mutants to terminate all of them.


The staff that treated the mutants did not stand by that atrocity, and they helped a lot of mutants to escape the facilities. The guy above, the leader of a mercenary group called Reavers, is in charge to terminate all of them so that no loose ends may end up framing the company that created them.

Logan was even willing to leave the kid behind at first but ultimately managed to escape the mercenaries with Professor Xavier and X-23, thus leaving Caliban behind so that the mercenaries could “conveniently” track them. For plot purposes you know.

The movie then goes on as Logan drives Professor X and X-23 up north while evading the mercenaries and whatever else they throw in their way. Some deaths occur, we get to know what happened to some of the X-MEN, and it is also explained why there are practically no mutants anymore, the ones who are born naturally with a mutation, not synthetic ones.

Logan eventually manages to reach the coordinates of his objective and delivers weapon X-23 or Laura by that time, to a group of young mutants who are about to cross the northern border to Canada. All of these mutants were tracked down but Logan manages to help them fend off against the attackers, ultimately dying in the last battle against a clone of his, X-24. The movie ends with the young mutants and young Laura burying Logan and departing the area.


Logan is a movie with the purpose to show the weight of being a super hero. The journey filled with danger and death ultimately costs a piece of the soul out of everyone. Logan lost everyone from the X-MEN save from Professor X. He is weary and tired of fighting. He was always a man up for booze, but this time, he just wants it to make it easy for him. For all the things that he had been through, the alcohol would ease up the pain of living one more day.  His healing factor is finally weakening due to the adamantium blades in his arms, and his wounds hurt lot more than what they did before because they don’t heal as fast as they did before. Not even close…

It is a cruel world for mutants. Logan saw the videos of the young mutants in their captivity. The crimes that were committed there only fueled his will to help, although he did not have any empathy for young Laura at first.

In this movie, Logan is tasked with one last mission, one final purpose to lighten up his life. Through the duration of the film, we notice Logan having problems in regenerating his wounds that in the past would be healed up in less than a minute. The pain he feels is undoubtedly greater than in the past as well. Young Laura managed to touch his heart since, like him, she too has adamantium blades in her arms and most surprisingly, in her feet as well. In the end, Logan got to know what it was to have a child of his own.


Logan is a movie that will surely break your heart while you watch Wolverine completing his last mission after being broken and lost for so long.


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