Death – A Mother’s Farewell

Sometimes, we forget what it means to be alive. Sometimes, we’re so focused on our lives that we forget our own fragility.

This weekend, a great friend of mine had his mother taken away from him. In no more than a couple of months, she was diagnosed with cancer, and the situation did not get any better from that point. From chemotherapy to the general reactions of it, I can only imagine the despair that my friend and his family have passed through in these months.

To me, these are the worst cases. When someone gets sentenced with a time bomb, and we see them and their loved ones suffering, until that bomb finally implodes. It implodes because it leaves everyone around the afflicted person with a hole in their hearts. I’ve known that pain, although not to the extent of losing the person that brought me into this world.

My friend was a wreck… How else could a person be, after losing his mother? Despite the overall sadness, I’m glad that I was there to support him, as were many others. I wish him and his family all the best in this tough time of their lives.

Sometimes, we forget that this is the natural path of things. Birth. Life. Death. Sometime, and due to the natural order of things, we will lose our mothers. That much is certain. And prepared or not, that distressing moment will eventually come.

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