Situation Point – 10th of March, 2017

Hello guys!

So I’ve been working on a side project in the area of advertisement. Basically, what I propose to do, is to record a small business near my living area and turn the footage into a promotional video. I’ve created another YouTube channel and a Facebook page to help spread the word. Difusão Local is the name I have chosen for this entity, in English it is Local Diffusion. Pretty simple right?

I started with a promotional video from my academy. They teach a lot of Martial Arts there, but the main ones are Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, Karate Kyokushinkai and Mixed Martial Arts or M.M.A. for short. There were like two hours of footage! It was insane to cut the footage in order to make a brief and interesting video clip from all four kinds of sport.

Since I was doing this for my academy, I also took advantage of it to launch myself onto the market, giving local businesses the chance to promote their work through an affordable service of promotion. If it will get response or not, we’ll see about it later.

The video is in Portuguese(BR) but you can get an idea of what my master is talking about. Now that I got this out of the way, I’ll turn myself back to writing. There’s a post about a cartoon series from the past I’m working on for, and I also have two more posts planned to write here on the blog.

On a more serious note, I really need to get back to Enclave – Amelioration and get it ready for publishing asap! I say this because I’ve applied for a government program and if I’m selected, I’ll have 6 months of classes in order to get an investment fund. So that will take away my schedule flexibility, which can’t be higher than this…  I’m also engaged in some conversations with editors and publishers to see if I can get a chance of being traditionally published. Marketing isn’t really one of my strong points and to be honest, I’d rather be writing on my series than having to waste time on marketing, meetings, events and so on.

So, to resume this last paragraph, I’m looking for a publisher in order to get my book to the right audiences. If by any chance you’re related with the business, please leave a comment down below!

That’s it for now guys, I wish you good weekend!

PS: I’ve just received the physical edition of my book, Enclave – Creation, and I’ll make a post alongside with a video in it! Stay tuned!


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