Situation Point – 1st of March, 2017

Hello hello!

New month coming in and I’m currently super busy and split across many projects. I’m currently finishing my newest entry in the “Orient in Turmoil” series but what has been taking more of my time is about an entirely new project. One that is going to be revealed later this week as well!

About the second book, I had to postpone its editing process since this new project required a lot of effort into it, while maintaining my YouTube channel updated from time to time.

Anyway, by the end of week, you may expect a new story situated in the 1700’s Japan as well as a big reveal for yet another one of my projects. As for Enclave – Amelioration, I’m counting on getting back to it next week, where I’ll finish everything that will lead up to its release in both physical and digital editions! The trailer will appear some time soon after that.

I’m also engaged in a government program to stimulate the economy and I’m waiting for the results of my application. Things may change too much and too fast. But I’ll share it with you guys once I know more about it!

I hope you’re having a fantastic week, and I can only wish for it to continue to be so!


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