Situation Point – 16th of February, 2017

Ei there!

So it seems that Amazon now offers a service for authors to print their books and sell them right away without any investment from the author’s part. While these are great news, there’s one thing that stops me from getting my book ready to print right away and that’s the dimensions that they offer.

I opted for an A5 format 148mm x 210mm, a pretty common format for a book I believe, but I guess that in the U.S.A.(where the printing service is located) when we’re talking about measurements we’re gonna have to double check our units every time before making a final decision.

This appeared at the right moment since I’ve been looking at prices where to print my book and perhaps Amazon (or the entity that’s going to print my book) will offer a better price than the ones that I could get around my local area. I’ll need to resize the two books however and then correct whatever needs to be correcting after changing its dimensions. Well, I guess in the end it will be worth the effort!

That’s it for today folks! I’ll see you soon!


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