Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

And what a Stars Wars story! Yeah! This is what the fans had been asking for so long! At least from what I’ve read on the internet that is.

I know it has been a while since the movie got out and I’ve been delaying this, but I really must emphasize how awesome Rogue One is. Even though the movie is an episode made to cover up one of the biggest plot holes in the Star Wars saga.

From what I remember, I think that it was since the game Star Wars Republic Commando’s release, that the audience and fans of the Star Wars franchise began to demand a title about the ordinary lives of the soldiers in the Rebel Alliance or the soldiers of the Empire. The audience wanted to see their moral dilemmas and hardships so commonly found during war time from a perspective of common people and not someone above them, like the Jedi or the Sith.

The Death Star

Rogue One is a movie just about that. Mainly focusing on the lives of the Rebels during a crucial time before Episode IV: A  New Hope. Rogue One tells us why the Death Star blew up after being hit on a reactor core through an exhaust port. It was a sabotage from one of the engineers who built the massive space station!

The movie begins with the apprehension of Galen Erso, a crucial engineer to the completion of the Death Star. He had a daughter, Jyn Erso, that was left behind to the care of a rebel extremist. Fast forward a decade or so and we find Jyn on an Empire slave camp, being rescued by the Rebels because of her connection to her father. Then they try to contact the extremist that raised her, in order to obtain the information of her father’s whereabouts and how they could get the plans of the Death Star.

Jyn Erso

A group is quickly formed in between the chaos and the persecution of the Rebels by the Empire. A plan is made to retrieve the plans of the Death Star and several points of view from various Rebels are made clear throughout the first half of the movie. We get to see worlds like Jeda, Yavin 4 and plenty of others which I honestly don’t remember the name.

The movie has the typical Star Wars story where someone gets picked to play an important part in the development of the current political and war scene. In order to succeed, not only they will require extreme courage and planning, but luck as well, also known as the Force. And even though there aren’t any Jedi on this one, Chirrut Îmwe would certainly be one, if he had someone to teach him in the ways of the Force. He is a blind melee fighter who solely believes in the Force and we can see him using it to the benefit of his goals. And of course, we still get to see Darth Vader cutting through some Rebels! Just enough to sate our yearly dose of Lightsaber combat in the big screen.


The story is very well written and there’s a sense of progression towards the final objective, with which they connect to the beginning of New Hope by the end of the Rogue One movie. There’s always a very dark atmosphere within the movie. The fate of the galaxy is at hand and these soldiers of the Rebel alliance face very difficult choices.

The action and the stealth never fails to be delivered in the Star Wars franchise and Rogue One is not an exception. There’s infiltration missions, fast paced combat with blasters and some space battles where we can see a lot of known ships from both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

And I can’t finish this entry without referring the quality humor provided by the reprogrammed Empire droid, K-2SO.


All in all, I’m utterly satisfied with this movie as it proved to be above my expectations for a stand alone piece. Now I’m looking at the coming Han Solo movie with another set of eyes!


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